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  1. P

    Running MYNN on coarse and LES on fine grid - impossible or user error?

    Hello, I am running WRF to study downslope windstorms, and would like to use the MYNN (or other higher-level closure schemes) for the coarse grid (1 km or larger), as they've proved the best for this kind of application, and LES for a finer grid (say 100 m). However, when attempting to...
  2. S

    BETR assignments by urban category (like AH, ALH, FRC_URB)

    I am a graduate student in Japan, sorry for my poor English. As the title suggests, I'd like to assign BETR by urban category. Although I have rewritten module_sf_urban.F and URBPARM_LCZ.TBL as in the attached file and run the calculation, only BETR is not loaded. I've already confirmed that...
  3. S

    BETR assignments by urban category (like AH, ALH, FRC_URB)

    I am a graduate student in Japan, sorry for my poor English. As the title suggests, I'd like to assign BETR by urban category. Although I have rewritten module_sf_urban.F and URBPARM_LCZ.TBL as in the attached file and run the calculation, only BETR is not loaded. (I've already confirmed that...
  4. K

    (Resolved) Why real.exe doesn't use all met.em.d0* files?

    Hi there! I got a question when executing real.exe. I used three levels of nesting. Each nested area has 8 met.em files with a time resolution of 3h. I found that after deleting some of the met.em files in d02 and d03, the real.exe program can still run normally, and eventually SUCCESS...
  5. E

    WRF Running Help For New User

    I am a graduate student and I need to use the WRF model for my thesis entitled "Investigation of Wave Energy Potential on the Black Sea Coast". I will not use it for professional purposes, and I need to perform a simulation in the simplest way possible. I cannot provide more details since I am...
  6. J

    Error when real.exe performs vertical interpolation

    Hi, I am currently trying to run a simulation using HRRR Reanalysis data for my initial conditions. To create my met_em files, I am using the hourly hrrr.prs data set for my intial conditions. I used the Vtable.HRRR.bkb (from Brian Blaylock's Github Page) to ungrib the hrrr.prs files. After...
  7. K

    Segmentation fault with real.exe --> Subroutine input_chem_profile

    Hello, I am trying to run WRF-Chem v4.5.2. When I use chem_opt=201, real.exe stops with a seg fault error. I have tried this with WRF-Chem v4.4.2 and I receive the exact same segmentation fault error. I have looked at the other posts and none of those solutions worked for me. I am still waiting...
  8. C

    successfully execute ./metgrid.exe, but errors are encountered in the generated files.

    Hello everyone, I am using the FNL dataset, replacing the land cover data for D03, updating SST, and generating the met file. When running real.exe, I encountered the following error: d02 2015-01-06_06:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input =...
  9. C

    Run ./real.exe and report an error quickly. Wrfout was successfully run before.

    Hi everyone, can anyone help me? I get the following error after running real.exe. I will add my namelist along with the error message. thank you in advance! At line 777 of file module_date_time.f90 Fortran runtime error: Bad value during integer read Error termination. Backtrace: #0...
  10. W

    Segfault in real.exe with ERA5 input

    Hi all, I'm trying to use ERA5 surface and pressure level data as initial and boundary conditions for a WRF run, but I'm running into trouble when running real.exe. The error message is: flag_soil_layers at end of optional_lsm_levels is 1 flag_soil_levels at end of optional_lsm_levels is 0...
  11. R

    Why are model results reset every 24 hours?

    I am conducting an experiment from October 1, 2016 to October 6, 2016. I have the following met_em files:
  12. P

    How to solve this problem? when i run real.exe

    When I set namelist.input num_metgrid_levels = 32, It pops up an error like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0taskid: 0 hostname: x1001c0s3b0n0 module_io_quilt_old.F 2931, T Ntasks in X 4 , ntasks in Y 4 *************************************...
  13. I

    Real produces wrfinput but not wrfbdy

    Hello, As the title indicates, I am not getting the wrfbdy file when I run real.exe, which is obviously an issue. I am getting no errors anywhere along the process starting from geogrid as far as I can tell, besides the following when I run real on a single core: srun: error: PMK_KVS_Barrier...
  14. beuraieon_a

    "real.exe" aborting prematurely

    Hello. I really need help in solving a problem I have regarding my WRF Model, particularly on the "real.exe" executable file. It seems to be aborting(?) prematurely, with the following appearing in my Terminal: This issue initially arose when I attempted to do a real-data WRF Model model run...
  15. B

    [WRF-4.2.1] ERROR: Not enough info for a p sfc computation

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to run WRF and now that I set up the model to run in a different time period, I'm getting the below error message (when I run ./real.exe): Missing surface temp, replaced with closest level, use_surface set to false. Missing surface RH, replaced with closest level...
  16. E

    Error while Running WRF

    Good day. I am very confused as to how I could prevent this error while running WRF. In my case, I attempt to run 2-domains with outer domain having 15-km and inner domain with 3-km spatial resolution. My Ubuntu system has 16-Gb RAM and I often run WRF with two processors with (mpirun -np 2...
  17. S

    Modifying WRF 'real.exe' Simulation to Remove Typhoon Effects: Clarification on Wind Field Changes

    Hello everyone, As a beginner in WRF modeling, I have some questions regarding the simulation of typhoons using the WRF model. I successfully ran the 'real.exe' simulation on WRF, and it performed well. However, I'm trying to eliminate the effect of a typhoon while running the 'real.exe'...
  18. M

    ECMWF error in running real.exe

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to run WRF using the ERMWF data. I've already succeeded in running ungrib and metgrid (after downloading surface and level data separately and running ungrib twice). However, when I run real.exe, an error occurred. I've attached my namelist.wps and...
  19. December_owo

    Error while reading namelist dynamics

    I was trying to run real.exe in the WRF file, but we have an error here. The rsl.error indicated that we cannot read dynamics in namelist.input file. How to solve this problem? I checked arguments in namelist.input and I didn't find out why. The error is in fig 1 and dynamics agruments are in...
  20. V

    tail rsl.error.0000 is missing & -Dstubmpi error - please help!!!

    I was able to run real successfully but when I search for rsl.error.0000, the file is not found. also I'm getting this error -Dstubmpi option.