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Modifying WRF 'real.exe' Simulation to Remove Typhoon Effects: Clarification on Wind Field Changes


New member
Hello everyone,

As a beginner in WRF modeling, I have some questions regarding the simulation of typhoons using the WRF model.
I successfully ran the 'real.exe' simulation on WRF, and it performed well. However, I'm trying to eliminate the effect of a typhoon while running the 'real.exe' simulation from September 23rd to November 1st, 2021.

To achieve this, I removed the wind vortex from the 'met.em' files (only changing the wind) and ran the 'real.exe' simulation. There were no errors during this simulation, indicating success. (Attached are two figures depicting met.em files. The left image represents the untouched met.em files used for 'real.exe,' while the right image illustrates the altered wind field with the removed typhoon vortex. Vectors represent the wind field, and shading indicates relative vorticity.)

However, as a novice in modeling, I'm uncertain if solely changing the wind field is sufficient to remove the typhoon's effects. I initially presumed that adjusting the boundary conditions alongside the wind changes would suffice, but I seek guidance and clarification on this matter.

Thank you for your assistance.