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    WPS4.3 different *met_em* files have different number of metgrid levels

    I used era5 data for preprocessing, but the number of met files varies from time to time. It was 38 layers at 00 UTC, but it became 27 layers at 03 UTC, which made it unable to achieve real success because of the difference num _ metgrid _ levels.
  2. Z

    What is the roles of forcing data during simulation

    Dear WRF Community, I have a question,What is the roles of forcing data during simulation. For example, when we simulate precipitation, are our results generated by downscaling the forced data?or simulations based on the water vapor flowing in from the outside of the domain?or others...
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    operational SST not available

    Dear All, Sorry if this is not the place to refer to this: The sea surface temperature has not been available for a few days, at this URL: Does anyone know if they will be available again, or have they moved elsewhere? From already thank you...
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    the source of the WPS geographical static data

    I'm working on Noah-MP LSM, so I need to prepare the static data with the help of WPS. But I wonder where are the geographical static data from. I download it from However, there is no document to introduce the data, like...
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    Why coupling a Global Climate Model in WRF (CMIP6)

    Greatings, I intend to regionalizate forecast climate change in order to capture small scale effects as topograhy and land use (dynamical downscaling). For this, i will use the WRF model to reducing spacial resolution (dinamycal downscaling). So, my issue is couple a Global Climate Model in...
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    are all ECMWF datasets interpolated?

    Dear Altruist, Can anyone please let me know the actual resolution of ECMWF original model outputs/datasets? I see datasets of various resolutions such as 0.125x0.125 0.225x0.225 0.25x0.25 0.4x0.4 0.5x0.5 0.75x0.75 1x1 1.125x1.125 1.5x1.5 2x2 2.5x2.5 3x3 N640 etc. In the documentation, i see...
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    Lake SST with ECMWF HRES

    Hi there, I am trying to do 1-day simulations using ECMWF HRES 0.1x0.1 hourly lat/lon grid data and analyze the SST over a lake on the center of my domain. I'm using Analysis product for the 00 UTC data and Forecast product for the other 23 steps. WRF Version is 4.1.5. When I run metgrid.exe...
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    Running WPS with ERA5 input

    Hi, I'm using WRF (I guess the WPS version is 3.9). I'm used to running WPS (and WRF) with ERA-Interim in model levels as input. Recently, I tried to run it with ERA5 as input and downloaded the ERA5 files on pressure levels (and surface data) from the NCAR's RDA...