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Error in compiling WRF


New member
I have an error during WRF compilation and it wouldn't create executable files.

I try to follow this guide, Full WRF and WPS Installation Example (GNU)
Everything is working until I try to install WRF. I couldn't found what's the error during the compilation

Here's attached the log compile for WRF

I'm completely new in linux environment and installing WRF in general


  • compile.log
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Hi, Apologies for the delay due to the holidays.

There are no errors listed in your compile log, meaning you likely didn't use the ">&" syntax when comping the code. To compile, you should include ">&" to ensure the standard error and output gets put into the compile log. For e.g.,

./compile em_real >& compile.log

However, I do notice that the version of GNU you are using is very old (v4.8.5), and will not successfully compile the later versions of WRF. Since GNU/gcc is a free compiler, can you update to a more recent version and see if that helps? Unfortunately, when you update the compiler, you will also need to rebuild the libraries with that compiler. Before recompiling WRF, make sure your paths are all set appropriately to the correct library installations and compiler and then issue a "clean -a", then reconfigure and recompile.

If you still receive errors after updating, please attach your new compile log, along with your configure.wrf file. Thanks!