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ERROR when I run wrf.exe


ERROR reading namelist namelist_quilt
I don't know what went wrong. Real.exe succeeded.


  • namelist.input
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I did a test, using your namelist (mostly - I changed the dates and grid dimensions to match some input I already had), and it works without issues. I don't get the quilting error. What version of WRF are you using, and did you make any modifications to the code?
I, if I remember correctly, used WRF4.0 and never modified anything.
I tried defining a new namelist for both namelist.input and namelist.wps. It runs only for namelist.input. I can't post the one before running.


  • namelist.input.txt
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  • namelist.wps.txt
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I'm still stuck with the same problem.
And I mean I try to go back and run namelist.input that was previously run did not have this problem.
Did you solve the error? I also got an error in wrf.exe after real.exe, so I wonder if it's a similar case...
Unfortunately since I am unable to repeat the issue, it's difficult for me to provide assistance. At this point, I would recommend downloading (or using "git clone") a new version of WRF and reinstalling it, and then trying again. If you don't necessarily need an older version of WRF (e.g., V4.0), I would recommend getting the latest version (V4.5.2). If you get past the issue, let us know how it was resolved.