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Error when running real.exe


New member
Excuse me, Miss and Mrs. I'd like to ask about the error I'm experiencing. I'm running the WRF model in the rea.exe section but it always fails to work with the attached rsl.error result. I've tried the domain twice but it always ends up being killed by running it. Is there anyone who can help me to solve this problem?

error 10.png
Can you please attach the full rsl.error.0000 file, as well as the namelist.input you're using? Thanks!
Thank you mr/mrs Kwerner
this is my rsl.error and namelist.input


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
    838 bytes · Views: 6
The domain is 739 by 639 but it seems that you are only running with 1 processor.
Can you add more processors? I believe in such case you might need at least 60+