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Error while running real.exe with ERA 5 pressure level data

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I am running WRF with ERA5 pressure level data. I am facing this error at the real.exe step.

ERROR in psfc: flag_psfc = 0, flag_soilhgt = 0, flag_slp = 0, sfcp_to_sfcp = F

Have attached my namelist.input and rslout files.
I have already tried adding sfcp_to_sfcp = .true. in the &domain section namelist.input, doesn't make any difference.
Would really appreciate any help. My PhD research seems to be stuck with WRF errors.


  • namelist.input
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  • rslout.txt
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Do you have PSFC included in your ERA5 input data? Do you see that variable in your met_em* files, and if so, does it look reasonable?
I opened one of the met_em files using Rstudio. I cannot see the variable PSFC in the list. I have attached one of the met_em files. If you could double check please? Also, I can see several warnings such as following in the file; Are these important?

"vobjtovarid4: **** WARNING **** I was asked to get a varid for dimension named Time BUT this dimension HAS NO DIMVAR! Code will probably fail at this point"

Thanks alot.


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Thanks for sending that. It doesn't look like you have any of the surface information in your files. These are the 2D fields that are mandatory from your input:
Surface pressure
Mean sea level pressure
Skin temperature/SST
2-meter temperature
2-meter relative or specific humidity
10-meter U and V components of wind
soil data (temp and moisture) and soil height

Also, if you look at the values for many of the 3D variables, they are all 0. You may need to check with the source where you are obtaining the data to make sure you are downloading it correctly.
Thanks for getting back.
I have download the ERA 5 hourly averaged pressure level data in grib format from the ERA5 website. They don't have further instructions of downloading beyond that. Would you have any tips for making sure the input data files are correct?
Please download the ERA5 data from NCAR CISL. here is the website:

Please download all the files that have required variables for running WRF. These variables are contained in different files, for example, the following files have U,V, T, Qv, RH in pressure levels:

there are other files that provide surface and soil information. Please read the document in the CISL website and find all the files you need.