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Exercise 1 - Data not found



I'm a new user of WRF-Chem and I was trying to do exercise 1 of the WRF-Chem tutorial ( but I cannot access to the data needed to run the exercise. Am I the only one with that problem?
The namelist is perfectly available, but the "Data" button does not show anything... meaning that the information is missing or that there is some kind of problem. As there is not any especification of the type of data supposedly provided, I do not know what do I need to run the exercise. What kind of files are needed? Where can these be found?

Thank you so much!

PS: Any kind of tip for a WRF-Chem beginner would be extremely appeciated! :)

Hi Paula,

Just commenting to say that I am also trying to do exercise 1 of the WRF-Chem tutorial and am not able to access the data.
Seems like we might need an account to download the data via the ftp link, so I'm stuck.

I look forward to seeing what others suggest we do!

The link to the data is a FTP link so it probably won't be able to be viewed from a browser.

You will need to use a FTP client or connection and connect as a guest to bypass the need for an account.

On a Mac I was able to connect using a finder by:
  • Opening the finder application
  • Press cmd + k
  • Enter in the field and click connect
  • Select "Guest" in the connect as screen then click connect