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Generating (and perhaps extracting) global meteorological data from WRF - with compensation and/or co-authorship

WRF for Ozone

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Hi all,
I am not an atmospheric chemist, but I am an environmental modeler and wear multiple hats, including as a consultant. We have a project using a VOC/Ozone model around the globe, and so we are looking for global weather data. It appears WRF would be suitable, except for its learning curve. I could extract data from existing model runs, but generating the data is where we really need help.

I’ve described our data needs below. We’d need this work done soon – ideally before June. If you are interested in a) generating WRF outputs or b) locating suitable WRF outputs, and perhaps c) extracting data from those outputs, please let me know. As noted in the subject, we can provide compensation and/or offer acknowledgment or co-authorship on a peer-reviewed manuscript.

Thanks very much,
Andrew (

Data needs:
  • Represent current weather (‘current’ can be broadly defined).
  • Provide global coverage, with some spatial differentiation (probably 1°x1° or finer, but we’re flexible).
  • Provide hourly temporal resolution (from which we’ll create an average summer day).
  • Parameters:
    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Planetary boundary layer height