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running wrf

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    Segmentation fault for idealized tropical cyclone simulation with a moving nest

    Hi, I'm encountering a segmentation fault early in the integration of WRFv4.4 for an idealized simulation of a tropical cyclone. The simulation is configured with 2 nests and vortex tracking on the innermost nest. I compiled WRF with the debug flag and received the following error traceback...
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    open_hist_w : error opening /glade/derecho/scratch/... for writing.

    Hello, I have already successfully executed real. In running wrf I receive the following error: open_hist_w : error opening /glade/derecho/scratch/$USER/spillover_200612/wrfout_d03_2006-12-13_00:00:00 for writing. That particular folder is empty. I have exhausted my troubleshooting checklist...
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    WRF Running Help For New User

    I am a graduate student and I need to use the WRF model for my thesis entitled "Investigation of Wave Energy Potential on the Black Sea Coast". I will not use it for professional purposes, and I need to perform a simulation in the simplest way possible. I cannot provide more details since I am...
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    WRF issues on second restart run

    Hello, I am trying to run WRFv 4.5.2 on Derecho (using the pre-compiled version on Derecho), and have been running into issues during my second restart run. The model runs quickly for the initial run, and for the first restart run. However, on the second restart run, things slow down a lot, and...
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    wrf.exe don't write any output but running (sf_sfclay_physics)

    I'm conducting one domain experiment and two domain experiments with WRF version 4.4.2. I am using openmpi 4.1.4 version and aarch64, a 64-bit processor based on the ARMv8 architecture. It was confirmed that the experiment set with two domains was completed normally, and the experiment with one...
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    I have a problem writing output data every 10 minutes

    Hello everyone, I would like to request a little help with this issue. I am working with WRF v4.4 and v 4.2 in both cases I try to launch a simulation with output data writing every 10 minutes. My understanding is that it should be simple by defining history_interval = 10. But for some reason...
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    wrf.exe stops running but no error is given

    Hello all, I am running WRF v 4.1.2 on virtual machine using GNU Fortran (Ubuntu 9.4.0-1ubuntu1~20.04.2) 9.4.0. The simulation is for em_real module running for 24hrs from 2009-05-06_06 to 2009-05-07_06. I am able to run real.exe but not wrf.exe. The simulation stops running at the 10 minute...
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    wrf.exe always stops at the same point

    Dear all, Hi, I'm trying to run WRFv4.0.3 with fnl grib2 data. But after a few seconds running wrf.exe, it suddenly stops with no error. I tried it in serial, also with 16 mpi but it always stos at the same point. With mpirun, this stops with this message. starting wrf task 0 of 1 (it repeats...
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    Segmentation Error or decrease the runtime

    Hello everyone, First, sorry for my English. I hope you understand. See, I have a problem of Segmentation Error. I already saw many post about that and I concluded that it was because of inestability of the model, so I change my timestep of 60 to 30 and it worked. However, I seem the time of...
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    Tutorial nested domain runs - segmentation fault

    Hello, I am working my way through the online tutorial and I keep running into a segmentation fault for the 2-way, 1 input file nested domain run. Unfortunately these faults are not very useful when trying to debug so I was wondering if anybody else has run into a similar issue? What was your...
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    start_em: p_top from the namelist does not match p_top from the input file.

    Hi All, While running WRF I'm getting p_top mismatch error. Timing for processing wrfinput file (stream 0) for domain 1: 32.93626 elapsed seconds Max map factor in domain 1 = 0.00. Scale the dt in the model accordingly. D01: Time step = 120.000000...
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    WRFV4.4.2 compilation and gcc version

    Hi all, I am new to installing the WRF model. I have a virtual machine with Linux RHEL 6.4, where I have previously installed WRF version 4.0.1, and I run the model daily for 48-hour forecasts. I have tried to install the WRFV4.4.2, but I get the following warning before compiling...
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    [SOLVED] Running WRF V-4.5 with the new hybrid 100-m global land cover dataset with Local Climate Zones and MLUCM BEP

    Hello. I'm trying to run the latest version of the WRF model by implementing the hybrid 100-m global land cover coupled with the BEP urban parameterization. I have 3 nested domains with 12 km, 4km, and 1km horizontal resolution, respectively. Unfortunately, during the simulation of the first...
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    Research positions open at IIT Bombay

    We have a few positions at IIT Bombay that we seek to fill quite urgently under a newly funded project (PAVITRA—Air Pollution Management and Intervention Tool for India). Please see the job profile, and interested candidates may kindly apply through the below link: 1. Project Research...
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    WRF.exe segmentation fault

    Hi, I am trying to run wrf.exe (version 4.5) for a nested domain, but after a couple of minutes (and after writing the output of the very first time) the model stops with "segmentation fault". I do not see any CFL errors in the rsl files (or any error at all) even when I configured wrf with -d...
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    (RESOLVED)questions about error while running WRF-LES

    I meet this problem while getting an ideal case,rsl.error.0000 is like this: Ntasks in X 1 , ntasks in Y 1 IDEAL V4.1.2 PREPROCESSOR ************************************* Parent domain ids,ide,jds,jde 1 131 1 131 ims,ime,jms,jme...
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    URBPARM_LCZ error when runing wrf.exe with bep + bem options

    Hi everybody, I appreciate all the answers provided by this forum, it helps with the model. I am pretty novice on WRF and MLUCM simulation. However, it seems that i have a problem running WRF with sf_urban_physics = 3 and use_wudapt_lcz= 1 I used w2w tool to generate geogrid file with lcz map...
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    I'm having trouble running the WRF model.

    Hi, I'm a student who just started learning about the WRF. I want to run the WRF model, but I can't run it due to an error. Attach the namelist and rsl files. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what the problem is. For your information, the data is using ERA5.
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    WRF 4.5 configure error

    hello, i am trying to install latest version of wrf 4.5 which i downloaded from Github website. when i try to configure it. i install all libraries and give them All path everything is alright but it shows this error when i try to configure. can anybody help me with this? it show this error...
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    WRF Cloud Deployment Best Practices

    Hello, I've run WRF on private and public cloud platforms before and I'm looking for updated best practices for good simulation performance. Specifically, I'm planning to run a CONUS 2.5km benchmark (likely maria 1km as well) and then a Land Use Land Cover science case at around 1km grid...