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    wrfoutReady files are not written when using IO Quilting

    It appears as though the wrfoutReady files are not written when running WRF version 4.4.0 and using IO quilting. Is this the expected behavior? &time_control output_ready_flag = .true., &domains nproc_x = 15, nproc_y = 21, &namelist_quilt...
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    SST update delayed by one history interval in wrfout_d02

    Hi, I am preparing a multi-year WRF simulation and need to update SST. I am not using an external SST dataset but want to update SST from ERA5 data, which is used as model input at the same time (I therefore did not run ungrib.exe twice to create separate ‘SST’ files for metgrid). ERA5 driving...
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    real error - Segmentation fault - Runs for One type for physics but not Another

    I have been trying to run ERA5 data (single levels and pressure levels) for the past 2 weeks, but unsuccessful in real.exe for one physics suite but not for another. Idont understand where i am wrong. The error i encounter is as follows: taskid: 0 hostname:
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    WRF-SCM Forcing with Reanalysis Data

    Hi, I am new to WRF-SCM and I am having a couple of trivial questions regarding the forcing input file in the Single Column Model. My first question is whether the forcing inputs can be provided from any readily available reanalysis datasets. If yes then how can the geostrophic components of...
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    Tables in WRF/test/em_real

    I am trying to understand how the tables in WRF are used (The tables located in em_real, such as LANDUSE.TBL and URBPARM.TBL). Under what circumstances does WRF use these tables (what settings need to be turned on)? Where in the flow of WRF are the tables used? Is there documentation for the use...
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    WRF and WUADPT

    Hi, Sir, We are using WRF V4.3.3 MODEL with WUADPT LCZ level 0 classification, the LCZ classification requested from the LCZ generator to classify the study region. Then we provided data into the using the python script. After that, all the steps follow the as same in normal wrf...
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    Hi all, I am very new to WRF. I am trying to simulate an idealized LES case similar to the test case in WRF. When I observe data for PBLH, I see all 0s. Does WRF-LES calculate PBHL? Do I need to modify anything in the namelist.input to get this done? Any input would be greatly appreciated...
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    Simulating tracer plume

    I tried to simulate a plume with the WRF_LES model. I followed the modification of HP1801( However, there are errors in running wrf.exe. taskid: 0 hostname: n0183 module_io_quilt_old.F 2931 F...
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    Running Idealized WRF on CORI

    Hello, I am attempting to run WRF on Cori at NERSC and am running into some issues. Here's the all of the relevant information I can think of: WRF Version: 4.4 (c11bb76939647c4073e9a105ae00faaef55ca7fd) Modules: 1) modules/ 2)...
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    Running WPS with CFSV2

    Has anyone experienced using WRF with CFSv2 downloaded from RDA? My concern is when we choose WRF-prescribed input, the fields are 6-hourly forecast when our need is the analysis. However, the soil-related fields (i.e. volumetric soil content) are not available in the 'analysis' but they are...
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    ACM2 error :RIBX never exceeds RIC

    I use pxlsm and can successfully run the ACM2 scheme with three levels of nesting (36.12.04km). But when I run 12km and 04km separately, I got this error. 36km can run successfully. Model crashed immediately FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 415 RIBX never exceeds RIC, RIB(i,kte) =...
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    WRF running very slow after new compile

    Hello all, I recently had to recompile WRF because the HPC environment I run WRF on had its OS updated which caused many files WRF depended on to be updated and renamed. I created a thread on this issue and it can be found here.. While I was able to successfully recompile and run WRF, it now...
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    Fails to run with two nested domains but ok with single nest

    Dear altruists, I am trying to run ./real.exe using 3 domains of 20 km, 10 km & 5 km. It stops at the middle by showing "Full level index = 34 Height = 19871.2 m Thickness = 920.1 m". But simulation can be done successfully with 2 domains. The same thing happens with domain resolutions such as...
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    Change the value of the "nens" parameter of SPPT in namelist.input

    I'm going to change the value of "nens" parameter of SPPT in namelist.input, but the result is exactly the same. The related Settings of namelist.input are as follows. 1st: rand_perturb = 1,1,1, sppt = 1,1,1, lengthscale_sppt...
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    wrf fails run with ECMWF model forcing data

    Dear Colleges, I am using ECMWF high-resolution analysis downloaded from to run the WRF model. I had difficulties with preprocessing the ECMWF by ungrib for some of surface variables which is a known issue...
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    WRF with WSM5 as microphysics stops at first nested domain

    When using WSM5 (mp_physics=4) in a nested domain, WRF stops at the creation of the 1st nested domain without any error. To be exact d02 2007-05-27_12:00:00 alloc_space_field: domain 3 , 36606528 bytes allocated is the last line. I have provided a rsl.error.0000 file with debug set to 1000. The...
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    (RESOLVED) Git not found???

    WRF V4.4 MODEL No git found or not a git repository, git commit version not available. Trying to run the WRF and i run into this issue in the rsl.error.0000 Haven't seen this before and I can't find any reference in other user posts. Any suggestions or reccomendations?
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    Error while Running real.exe with ERA5 data in WRF-4.3.3

    Hi, I have reently installed WRF-4.3.3 along with WPS-4.3.1 in Intel HPC, and to test run the same in have take data from ERA5 Single levels: Product type:Reanalysis Variable:10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, 2m dewpoint temperature, 2m temperature, Land-sea mask, Mean sea...
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    WRF4.2 irrigation scheme is bad

    Dear friends: I want to simulate from June 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, and put the downloaded irrigation data (irrigation/fao/00001-04320.00001-02160 and index downloaded from the official website) into the static terrain data geog in the WRF4.2 version , and then namelist.input input...
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    Model crashing at radiation time step

    WRF-4.1.3 Model is crashing at radiation time step with BouLac PBL scheme, but runs successfully with other PBL schemes. Tried changing radt to other values but seeing similar crashing with similar error. Any help would be appreciated. &time_control run_days = 0...