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running wrf

  1. S

    I'm having trouble running the WRF model.

    Hi, I'm a student who just started learning about the WRF. I want to run the WRF model, but I can't run it due to an error. Attach the namelist and rsl files. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what the problem is. For your information, the data is using ERA5.
  2. Z

    WRF 4.5 configure error

    hello, i am trying to install latest version of wrf 4.5 which i downloaded from Github website. when i try to configure it. i install all libraries and give them All path everything is alright but it shows this error when i try to configure. can anybody help me with this? it show this error...
  3. B

    WRF Cloud Deployment Best Practices

    Hello, I've run WRF on private and public cloud platforms before and I'm looking for updated best practices for good simulation performance. Specifically, I'm planning to run a CONUS 2.5km benchmark (likely maria 1km as well) and then a Land Use Land Cover science case at around 1km grid...
  4. F

    forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Read

    Hi, I am using WRF-chem 4.4.1, but while running the wrf.exe, I am getting the following error. Timing for Writing wrfout_d01_2019-11-01_00:00:00 for domain 1: 32.39404 elapsed seconds mediation_integrate: med_read_wrf_chem_emissions: Read emissions for time 2019-11-01_00:00:00...
  5. W

    Generating (and perhaps extracting) global meteorological data from WRF - with compensation and/or co-authorship

    Hi all, I am not an atmospheric chemist, but I am an environmental modeler and wear multiple hats, including as a consultant. We have a project using a VOC/Ozone model around the globe, and so we are looking for global weather data. It appears WRF would be suitable, except for its learning...
  6. Y

    forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

    Hi, I am using WRF-chem 4.4.1, but while running the wrf.exe, I am getting the following error. WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 1 d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00 ---------------------------------------- d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00 W-DAMPING BEGINS AT W-COURANT NUMBER = 1.000000 d01 2017-11-01_00:00:00...
  7. W

    When to use or not use w_damping?

    Good morning, I have been exploring the namelist options for WRF and have come across the w_damping option. I have been trying to figure out when to use it or not use it for WRF. Looking at other peoples namelists on the forum I really don't see any consistent times on when to use it and...
  8. V

    Multi processes running ./wrf-hydro.exe did not report errors on a single machine but on multiple machines

    When i used this command "mpiexec.hydra -print-rank-map -n 4 -machinefile hosts ./wrf_hydro_NoahMP.exe" in one machine in order to run wrf-hydro model in both two machines,it reported errors: i want to run this model in two machine and two processes run on each machine .Data directory for wrf...
  9. O


    Good day dear colleagues, Please I would like to know if the Global Land Cover Characteristics - GLCC data (GLCCGBE20, with Geographic projection) on is the same as the usgs_30s data in WPS. If it is not, can anyone send a link to where it can be downloaded from? Thank...
  10. M

    WARNING: No channel points found for CHRTOUT

    Hi everyone, I was confused about the warning messages for a long time. I really appreciate it if anyone can provide some suggestions on fix it. I used wrf_hydro_arcgis processing tools to generate routing files. During the process, I added a cvs file that lists the location of each forecasting...
  11. S

    Questions about "nens" in stochastic parameterizaion schemes

    Hi, I'm WRF model newbie. I'm running WRF model with 3 domains and I chose the physics suites named NCAR Convection-Permitting Suite. And I added the option Stochastic parameterization schemes. This is part of my namelist.input &stoch rand_perturb = 1, 1, 1, nens...
  12. W

    Not really sure how to use e_vert and stretching

    Good morning, Could someone please explain how to use e_Vert and the stretching variables? Like I have read the tutorials and I am still not sure how to use it properly. I have attached my namelist.input for someone to help me.
  13. Doulgas_secchi

    Setting runs with sf_ocean_physics (options 1 and 2) for domain with land and sea

    I was searching for sf_ocean_physics at the Forum and I found this thread: problems running WRF with sf_ocean_physics option 2. Is mentioned that options 1 and 2 doesn't recognize the difference between land and sea. Mr @jcarlosgm solved that masking and using a conditional. Can someone give me...
  14. W

    e_vert & num_metgrid_levels

    In practice does e_vert need to be larger than num_metgrid_levels or can they be the same?
  15. A

    ERROR reading namelist namelist_quilt when running wrf.exe

    I'm trying to run wrf.exe using WRF-4.3.1. All WPS and real.exe were completed successfully. When I try running wrf.exe. I end up with the error below in rsl.out.0000. Attached the namelist file I'm trying to use. Many thanks in advance. Edit: I have also tried with sime_step = 162 seconds...
  16. V

    wrf.exe not scaling after 8 mpi process

    Hello everyone, I am running a wrf model with this publicly available data from wrf.exe completed successfully in 34 hrs using 20 mpi processes. I was trying to reduce the runtime by increasing the number of mpi...
  17. W

    FAQ question The python code in this forum thread is meant for HPC systems. If I have a desktop or laptop what values need to be changed to the python code??
  18. S

    timezone in WRF

    Hello. I'm beginner to the WRF model. I was wondering about the default timezone in WRF. If I use a UTC-based input, the output will be in UTC, no matter where the domain is located, right? So if the model start time is 00:00 UTC on 1 October 2021, will the solar insolation or altitude in the...
  19. A

    Which way is the more computationally efficient for running wf.exe with one way nesting: (a) by setting feedback to '0' or (b) using ndown.exe?

    Hello everyone, I want to run wrf.exe (WRF-Chem) with one-way nesting because of the limitations of my system (a linux server with 378 GB of RAM and 32 processors). I have gone through the WRF user guide, which explained how to do one-way nesting using 'ndown.exe'. Also, I found the following...
  20. J

    Use of Environment Variables to Direct History Output Files

    Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to use an environment variable to direct the output files from wrf.exe and if so, what the syntax would be in the namelist file. I'm thinking of something like the following: &time_control ... history_outname =...