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Tutorial nested domain runs - segmentation fault


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I am working my way through the online tutorial and I keep running into a segmentation fault for the 2-way, 1 input file nested domain run. Unfortunately these faults are not very useful when trying to debug so I was wondering if anybody else has run into a similar issue? What was your solution?

Attached are the WRF and WPS namelist files and the rsl error file for the run. Note: I realize the frames_per_outfile variable for d02 isn't correct, but from my limited knowledge of the code this shouldn't be causing the fault.

I noticed in the run that the e_vert variable as suggested in the tutorial is invalid as it immediately leads to a crash due to not enough levels (can't remember the exact error message) so I simply use the same number of levels as the single domain case.

I've run this simulation a few times for reproducibility and the fault always occurs at 21:30 on the first day of simulation.

If anyone has any tips, then that is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Hi Colin,
I ran this test case and I did notice the namelist.input setting for e_vert should have been = 45, 45, so I modified that on the web page. I then also ran into a segmentation fault, which was due to some CFL errors, so I reduced the time_step to = 120. After that, I ran it as instructed and was able to run it successfully using 36 processors. Hopefully those modifications will help your case!