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geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe not generated on WPS3.9


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While trying to execute metgrid.exe on WPS 4.3.1 I got the error Error in ext_pkg_write_field, so as suggested in another posts, I installed WPS 3.9 so I could avoid that error, but while I was compilng WPS, no geogrid nor metgrid executables where created.

I attach the compile log.


  • compile.log
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I think first you should verify that the original error message received for WPSV4.3.1 is not a real issue. This particular error typically indicates that surface data is missing from your input. Can you check your 3-d meteorological fields and verify whether you have surface level data?
Using ncview, I tried to visualize the contents of the file
The Albedo, GreenFrac and Lai12m parameters are apparently working correctly
Although while tring to visualize the landuse i get the following:
Captura de pantalla de 2022-03-16 11-05-57.png

And while trying to visualize soilcbot or soilctop I get this:
Captura de pantalla de 2022-03-16 11-01-20.png

What could I do to solve this problem?
The geogrid output files only contain the static geographical data, such as landuse, etc. The ungrib program processes the meteorological input data, which should contain 2d and 3d atmospheric data. See here for a list of the mandatory data. You need to make sure the input data you're using have all the required fields. There are a few different programs available in WPS that can allow you to view your data. This presentation provides some options for viewing and plotting the raw input data, or the ungrib-processed intermediate data, prior to running metgrid.
Thanks! :D
I plotted the data and realized I was missing some terrain data so I redownloaded the GFS data and was able to finish the run.
Great! I'm so glad to hear you were able to overcome the issue. Thank you for the update!