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wps compiling/installation

  1. Q

    Unable to generate any *.exe when compiling WPS

    Hello everyone! I compiled WRF successfully, but I have trouble compiling WPS which no geogrid.exe, ungrib.exe, metgrid.exe were generated.I attach my configure.wps file and log.compile file below. Actually, I found something strange in the configure.wps file which are the 'COMPRESSION_LIBS' and...
  2. N

    Building a container to compile WRF

    We have been working on installing the required software for WRF on our system for the past few months without success. We would like to run WRF with Intel compilers, as we have seen that Intel compilers reduce run times. We have been using the WRF User Guide and several other online resources...
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    WPS configure problem and ./geogrid problem

    Dear Supporters, I have already installed WRF-4.3.3 with sm+dm(gun). But when I configured WPS,there was no option to select.Like this. Will use NETCDF in dir: /thfs1/software/netcdf/4.8.0-gcc9.3.0-mpi-x Using WRF I/O library in WRF build identified by $WRF_DIR...
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    ERROR: ./ungrib.exe: error while loading shared libraries: & ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00

    Hello, First of all, I want to express huge appreciation for this forum. Even though it's slow, I'm getting ahead with WPS-WRF based on this forum. I had issue in conducting "ungrib.exe" , and the error message was [error while loading shared libraries "" As a conclusion, I was...
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    (Solved) WRF executables successfully built but error occur when configuring WPS

    Hi, I am Grace, new to WRF and MPAS. I need WRF-WPS to build initial data for MPAS model. After compling WRF, I run the command ./configure under WPS directory, but get the following error: Error: The $WRF_DIR environment variable was set, but the WRF code at...
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    Can WRF output data be used for Input data on smaller domain

    I have a 4km 120hr WRF run that is created in 5hrs. But when I nest in a 1km grid it increases the time dramatically to finish the run. So my question is can I use the output from the 4km 120hr run as initial data for a new wrf run at 1km? I don't see a vtable in ungrib for WRF on ARGWRF. So...
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    WPS nested domain is not visible

    Dear WRF Community, I am running WRFV4.4.1 . In this process, I have given a test run with default namelist.wps and then ./geogrid.exe (WPS) After this execution, I would like to see my domain(which is 2 domain) using ncl util/plotgrids_new.ncl. But in the plot, I could visualize only single...
  8. S

    Finding SST data for WRF

    Hi there, I am completely new to using SST data and I'm not sure where to start. I think I understand what I'm supposed to do once I actually have the data, but I'm not sure where to get it, especially in a form where I can use ungrib on it. I'm currently modelling temperatures in Toronto, but...
  9. A

    Ungrib.exe not created

    Hi I just installed WRF V4.4.1 and WPS V4.4 with all netCDF-c-4.9.0, netcdf-fortran-4.6.0, hdf5-1.13.3, zlib-1.2.13, libpng.1.6.39, mpich-4.0.3, and jasper-4.0.0. When compiling WPS, metgrid.exe and geogrid.exe were created, but ungrib.exe was not. Here are the compile.log and configure file...
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    Unable to create metgrid.exe when compiling

    Hi, My WPS-4.4 compilaion failed to create metgrid.exe file. It seems like something is wrong with NETCDF. Here are the configure.wps and log.compile file. Are there any solutions? Thanks!
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    Real.exe produces only one wrfinput_d01 although I'm using 4 domains!

    I hope you're all doing great. This is my first time using WRF, I have done most of the WPS work, the geogrid, ungrib and metgrid and I linked my met output files to my wrf/run path. My case study has 4 nested domains and I have attached the namelist.wps below. When I run the real.exe and it...
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    ungrib.exe fails to create

    In compiling the WPS, the ungrib.exe is not created. As per 'compile.log', it seems the issue I am having is the same as this one (No ungrib.exe), but there was never a resolution for this issue. I tried the solution there, but no luck with creating the ungrib.exe. As per where the post ended, I...
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    WPS not making geogrid & metgrid for Hurricane-WRF (HWRF)

    Good morning everyone, My friend and I are trying to create a bash script that automates the installation of HWRF with very little user input. The script so far can install WRF-NMM and only the ungrib.exe in WPS. The script utilizes the following libraries: sudo apt -y install gcc gfortran...
  14. X

    when build WPS with intel : scan_input.f90(14): error #7013: This module file was not generated by any release of this compiler. [NETCDF]

    Like title,when I build WPS-4.3 with intel, I got geogrid.exe and ungrib.exe successlly but no metgrid.exe. WRF-4.3 have been built. The following is the error in the compile.log: /lib/cpp -P -traditional -D_UNDERSCORE -DBYTESWAP -DLINUX -DIO_NETCDF -DIO_BINARY -DIO_GRIB1 -DBIT32 -D_MPI...
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    geogrid.exe does not work when recompiled after system upgrade

    Hello, I am using WRF on NERSC's Cori supercomputer, which recently underwent a full operating system upgrade. Since that time, I've updated library paths and recompiled WRF and WPS. All executables re-compile without challenge in WRF, but in WPS (version 4.3.1), executables build without the...
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    geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe not generated on WPS3.9

    While trying to execute metgrid.exe on WPS 4.3.1 I got the error Error in ext_pkg_write_field, so as suggested in another posts, I installed WPS 3.9 so I could avoid that error, but while I was compilng WPS, no geogrid nor metgrid executables where created. I attach the compile log.