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WPS failed to complete build, only ungrib builds. Exits before completing with no error message.


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HI, I am attempting to compile WPS v 4.5 on an HPC server. I was able to get metgrid and geogrid to build. I have not been able to identify an error message. My configure and log files are attached.


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I was able to get metgrid and geogrid to build.
Did you mean that you were NOT able to get metgrid and geogrid to build? The error listed below is shown for both geogrid and metgrid in the log file.

gfortran: error: unrecognized command-line option ‘-qopenmp’; did you mean ‘-fopenmp’?
make[1]: [Makefile:13: metgrid.exe] Error 1 (ignored)

Is there something you're doing where you're using "-qopenmp?" Can you also attach your full WRF compile log, as well as your configure.wrf file? Because these two WPS programs depend on the WRF build, I'd like to take a look at those files, as well. Thanks!

Sorry for the mix-up. I did mean that geogrid and metgrid did not build. The "-qopenmp" addition was something that I tried during the troubleshooting process.


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@kwerner here are my configure and logs files without any of the trouble shooting.


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@kwerner you can consider my issue resolved. I am working on an HPC cluster that loads libraries through modules. When loading the mpich library, there is an environment variable "MPI_LIB" that gets set to the path of the mpich installation. That environment variable was causing issues when trying to build WPS. I had to manually unset the variable and geogrid and metgrid built.