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geogrid.exe not appearing

Korim Rouhi

New member
Hello I am trying to install WRF version 4.2.2 using the following procedures and the wrfv4 folder created is empty. geogrid.exe has not been created. Any suggested solutions?

1. Download source codes. (WRF, WPS, MPICH, netCDF Fortran, NCARG, udunits, Ncview and OpenMPI)

2. Copy paste script in empty text file and save as "".

3. All source files and script and placed in folder 'WRF'

4. In terminal: cd WRF and chmod +x

5. Download mandatory static data and place in WRF folder

6. In terminal: ./

7. Enter wrfv4 directory and source file: $ cd wrfv4 and $ source

8. Edit namelists

9. Go to WPS directory: $ cd WPS

10. Run geogrid : $./geogrid.exe

11. link ERA5 Vtable: $ ln -s ./ungrib/ Vtable

12. Create ERA5 data with GRIB files: $ ./link_grib.csh /path_to_directory/ERA5*

13. Run UNGRIB: $ ungrib.exe

14.Run METGRID: $ ./metgrib.exe

15.Enter WRF/test/em_real directory: $ cd WRF/test/em_real

16.Link METGRID files: $ ln -sf /path_to_directory/met_em*

17. Run real: $ mpirun -np 2 ./real.exe

18: Run WRF : $ mpirun -np 2 ./wrf.exe


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The '' script attempts to install quite a few pieces of software, all of which are needed by the geogrid.exe executable; as a consequence, there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. In order for us to be able to help, you'll need to identify the first specific failure during the whole process. For example, did the MPICH library fail to compile? If so, what was the specific error message?

Although I can see the appeal of running a single script that will handle the full installation process, I'd suggest trying to install each piece of software (e.g., MPICH, NetCDF, JasPer, etc.) manually so that you can stop to get help at the first point of failure. There is a guide for these steps available at .