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    WRF Domain Wizard GONE and OFFLINE

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. However, it has recently been taken offline. So is there a new recommendation from NCAR on its replacement? What other alternatives are there to...
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    Questions About WPS/WRF Application

    GOAL: Use High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model data as input to WRF to recreate initial atmospheric conditions, specifically for temperature and wind conditions at a specific location of interest. I am using hourly HRRR "0 hour forecast" analysis data as my meteorological data input to...
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    geogrid.exe cannot be executed properly

    Dear all, I was trying to execute geogrid.exe of WPS-3.9.1 by the command ./geogrid.exe, but the system did not show any message, and geogrid.exe cannot be executed, it just stuck forever as the screenshot shows. When I tried to interrupt the progress manually by ctrl+c, the error message...
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    Enabling SST update option in WRF Model run using ERA5 data (downloaded from copernicus)

    Hi Forum. I am trying to run a wrf model for 6 months using ERA5 re-analysis data. For which I have downloaded the SST and Sea-ice-cover data from Copernicus Climate Data Store | Copernicus Climate Data Store , along with 10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, 2m dewpoint...
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    WPS geogrid.exe

    geogrid.exe runs but the following IEEE floating point error occurs. On x86-64 using gfortran and gcc, Linux. >geogrid.exe Parsed 50 entries in GEOGRID.TBL Processing domain 1 of 3 INFORM: Using default interpolator sequence for HGT_M. INFORM: Using default data source for HGT_M. INFORM: Using...
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    [ERROR] ungrib.exe Grib2 file or date problem, stopping in edition_num.

    Hi, I tried to do the tutorial on this website and using GFS from this website. I completed the ./geogrid.exe but facing error while running ./ungrib.exe. This was the error log: I have read this thread and website but still faced the same problem. Here I attached my files and logs. Thank you.
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    a segmentation fault when performing metgrid.exe

    i'm having a problem when i perform metgrid.exe in WPS. No errors occured performing geogrid.exe and ubgrib.exe. Here is the error: [zkq@ustc WPS-4.3.1]$ ./metgrid.exe Processing domain 1 of 3 Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this...
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    calc_ecmwf_p tries to allocate too much memory

    Hi everybody, I'm having the problem that intermittently (and I haven't quite figured out the system behind when it does and does not happen), `calc_ecmwf_p` tries to allocate 2 ExaBytes of memory and (predictably) crashes. The line where this happens is the following...
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    WARNING invalid category of 0. all result is 0

    I need help~ I attempted to replace the static data in WPS using the following steps: Utilized "convert_geotiff -t 5000 albedo.tif" to convert the tiff to GeoTIFF data. Modified the index of the resulting binary data as follows: projection = regular_ll known_x = 1 known_y = 3546 known_lat =...
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    ST equals 0 when I use fnl to run wps

    Hi, everyone! I got a weird problem when I run WPS. Sometimes some grids become 0, but sometimes don't. But I use the same namelist.wps Could anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks!!!
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    ERROR: ./ungrib.exe: error while loading shared libraries: & ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00

    Hello, First of all, I want to express huge appreciation for this forum. Even though it's slow, I'm getting ahead with WPS-WRF based on this forum. I had issue in conducting "ungrib.exe" , and the error message was [error while loading shared libraries "" As a conclusion, I was...
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    Running metgrid with mpirun for a long simulation?

    Hi I am running a two-way nested simulation for quite a large area (see namelist.wps attached) and for quite a long simulation (1980-2014). I am now to run metgrid.exe and am curious as to whether there will be any value running metgrid.exe in parallel with mpirun. I hope someone can provide...
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    Hello, I am trying to run the attached batch script for namelist.wps. This may run ungrid, metgrid and geogrid in a remote server. But I am getting the following message when I change the meteorological data directory. Path to intermediate files is ./ ERROR: edition_num: unable to open...
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    Errror while runnning ungrib.exe

    Hi, I'm getting the following error while running ./ungrib.exe *** Starting program ungrib.exe *** Start_date = 2023-05-31_00:00:00 , End_date = 2023-05-31_06:00:00 output format is WPS Path to intermediate files is ./ ERROR: Grib2 file or date problem, stopping in edition_num. i had...
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    error running aerosol-aware thompson microphysics scheme

    I am trying to run the aerosol-aware version of thompson microphysics scheme with mp_physics = 28 option. I am following all the instructions and have correctly used all namelist settings and aerosol data required. The metgrid.exe ran well and I can see the aerosol variables from...
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    Meteorological Data Format

    Hi, I downloaded meterological data in csv fromat , how to conver it into grib2 so that "ungrib.exe" can read it . I have tried : import pandas as pd import cfgrib data = pd.read_csv('your_csv_data.csv') xarray_data = data.to_xarray() cfgrib.to_grib(xarray_data, 'out2.grib') its not working...
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    Good day dear colleagues, Please I would like to know if the Global Land Cover Characteristics - GLCC data (GLCCGBE20, with Geographic projection) on is the same as the usgs_30s data in WPS. If it is not, can anyone send a link to where it can be downloaded from? Thank...
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    question about best practices for domains

    max_dom An integer specifying the total number of domains/nests, including the parent domain, to be used in the simulation. Best Practice Nested domains are necessary when scaling down from coarse first-guess (input) data to a fine resolution, and the recommended ratios for coarse data...
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    error while run geogrid.exe

    When I running geogrid.exe, it keeps getting killed. For some reason, I think there should be no mistakes in my namelist. mpi didn't work either. I've reinstalled it multiple times, and it's WPS4.0. And there is no error message in the log. By the way, I'm running the wrf model with a server, so...
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    geogrid error

    Hello, I’ve been trying to make a test run of WRF-Fire on Cheyenne following this tutorial. I followed the steps pretty closely but ran into an issue when running geogrid. The error message is as below: bowenw@cheyenne1:/glade/work/bowenw/tutorial/run_1/wps> ./geogrid_serial.exe Parsed 51...