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    Using geogrid.exe for Antarctica (Antartica), help with DEM data

    Good morning from Chile. I would like your assistance with this; using WPS4.1; I'm a computer specialist, and not an Earth-science minor/major, so I'm a bit in the dark regarding this. We are trying ro create a set of nested domains for Antarctic continent (Antarctica/Antarctica); I'm also...
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    WRF error: too many input landuse types

    Hello everyone, I'm currently encountering an issue while running WRF version 4.5. The error message I receive is as follows: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 2419 Warning: too many input landuse types I replaced the original land use data in...
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    Is it recommended to use the same spatial resolution for all surface parameters?

    Dear users, The WRF model has 30 arc-seconds (~900 meters) as the higher spatial resolution by default. I read many papers where authors changed the topography (HGT) to a higher resolution (e.g. 90 meters). I also managed to change it. But now I have a question. The another surface parameters...
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    Urban canopy parameters ingestion into WPS/ WRF

    I am trying to ingest city specific urban canopy parameters that I developed using buildings heights and footprints data. The UCPs I built were: 1) Mean Building Height, 2) Distribution of building heights for 5m bins, 3) Area weighted mean building height, 4) Standard deviation of building...
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    ERROR: Couldn't open file ./ for input. For command ./metgrid.exe

    Dear users, I am getting an error when trying to execute ./metgrid.exe. The error is ERROR: Couldn't open file ./ for input. Version Details : WPS-4.5 WRF-4.5.2 Input data : ds083.2 List of attachments: namelist.wps Vtable geogrid.log metgrid.log ungrib.log Please suggest...
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    How do I get the LCZ part of CGLC_MODIS_LCZ_global to work?

    I am not sure why, but when I try using the above dataset and run geogrid.exe the result is pure MODIS- no LCZ categories at all. The paper on the dataset says that the GEOGRID.TBL entry needs to have higher priority than default MODIS, but if the priority is different in the GEOGRID.TBL.ARW_LCZ...
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    Optional fields not processed by geogrid.

    I'm using noahmp and I have downloaded all the geography files located at this website: Static Data Downloads But I am getting this message when running geogrid: Parsed 67 entries in GEOGRID.TBL Processing domain 1 of 2 Processing XLAT and XLONG Processing MAPFAC Processing F and E...
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    A question about GEOGRID

    Hello I am building a grid to be run by WRFHYDRO. I manage to prorperly select the domain (~10km * 20 km) and the resolution (500 m) when I look at the produced coordinates (long_M and LAT_M) I see that the intervals are not exactly equal and there is some kind of periodicity in the cell size...
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    geogrid.exe stops without error with my own binary file

    Hi, all I'm trying to replace the MODIS land cover data with the high resolution data which has shape format. I changed this file with QGIS and made binary file with write_geogrid.c code which is in the WPS/geogrid/src directory. I moved this binary file into the GEOG directory to run geogrid. I...
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    (Resolved) Why high-resolution terrain data does not match actual altitude?

    Hi, I have now made a three-layer nested domains simulation with a ratio of 1:3:3, the grid accuracy of the finest nested area is 1km, and then the longitude and latitude of my target site is very close to one of the grid points in the 3rd nested domain. The distance is only about ten meters...
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    Change in Mandatory Static Data

    Hello WRF community, I am running a simulation with two domains: d01 with 9km resolution and d02 with 3km. In the near future I will add a d03 with 1km resolution. Previous studies in the region of my domain show that changing the default WPS topography to ASTER with a resolution of 1s (90...
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    Nested and Coarse domain WRF Domain Wizard

    Hi everyone, first of all I hope that you are well, continuing, I am creating a coarse domain of 9km of resolution and a nested domain with 3 km resolution with the WRF Domain Wizard to make a new domain for WRF-NMM model, the doubt that i have is that, is there a way to see the coordinate...
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    geogrid.exe cannot be executed properly

    Dear all, I was trying to execute geogrid.exe of WPS-3.9.1 by the command ./geogrid.exe, but the system did not show any message, and geogrid.exe cannot be executed, it just stuck forever as the screenshot shows. When I tried to interrupt the progress manually by ctrl+c, the error message...
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    WPS configure problem and ./geogrid problem

    Dear Supporters, I have already installed WRF-4.3.3 with sm+dm(gun). But when I configured WPS,there was no option to select.Like this. Will use NETCDF in dir: /thfs1/software/netcdf/4.8.0-gcc9.3.0-mpi-x Using WRF I/O library in WRF build identified by $WRF_DIR...
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    GEOGRID.exe Segmentation error

    Anyone please give solution. I am trying to run geogrid for nested domains and recieved this error. Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Backtrace for this error: #0 0x7f1bfd487d21 in ??? #1 0x7f1bfd486ef5 in ??? #2 0x7f1bfd16908f in ??? #3...
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    ERROR: ./ungrib.exe: error while loading shared libraries: & ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00

    Hello, First of all, I want to express huge appreciation for this forum. Even though it's slow, I'm getting ahead with WPS-WRF based on this forum. I had issue in conducting "ungrib.exe" , and the error message was [error while loading shared libraries "" As a conclusion, I was...
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    Geogrid topography

    Hi I tried to insert srtm data 3s in geogrid. It works fine. But i didn t understand why if i plot HGT_M from geogrid nc file i see flat map and i didn t see any big difference respect to the default Attached a picture . Could be the way to plot HGT_M? Have you specifica script?
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    error while run geogrid.exe

    When I running geogrid.exe, it keeps getting killed. For some reason, I think there should be no mistakes in my namelist. mpi didn't work either. I've reinstalled it multiple times, and it's WPS4.0. And there is no error message in the log. By the way, I'm running the wrf model with a server, so...
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    (RESOLVED) Troubles trying to change from MODIS to USGS data

    Hello, Although I read the User's Guide and did as explained, I can't make WPS to use USGS data instead of MODIS. I need to try and use USGS because of ndown/WRF.exe issue (using old coarse run under USGS as input via ndown.WRF.exe for a finer simulation, currently "segfaulting", maybe because...
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    geogrid error

    Hello, I’ve been trying to make a test run of WRF-Fire on Cheyenne following this tutorial. I followed the steps pretty closely but ran into an issue when running geogrid. The error message is as below: bowenw@cheyenne1:/glade/work/bowenw/tutorial/run_1/wps> ./geogrid_serial.exe Parsed 51...