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ERROR: ./ungrib.exe: error while loading shared libraries: & ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00


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First of all, I want to express huge appreciation for this forum.
Even though it's slow, I'm getting ahead with WPS-WRF based on this forum.

I had issue in conducting "ungrib.exe" , and the error message was [error while loading shared libraries ""
As a conclusion, I was able to fix this, based on the following threads:
The solution was just put "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$DIR/grib2/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" in my terminal (at the WPS folder directory).

However, it seems that I have to put the above line whenever I run "ungrib.exe".
#Error 1: I'm curious if this is normal and also wondering if there's any solution to address this issues.
I'm afraid that this might be able to being addressed if I edit some lines in somewhere configuration file, but just wanted to make sure everything.

#Error 2: I also got another ERROR: The mandatory field TT was not found in any input data.
This happened after the following processes.
1. I successfully complete ungrib (based on the log message in the terminal).
2. I put ln -s ./metgrid/METGRID.TBL.ARW METGRID.TBL in the terminal
3. I execute metgrid with ./metgrid.exe (I used data from "000"
4. The following is where I got error message

Processing 2019-06-02_03

Processing 2019-06-02_06

Processing 2019-06-02_09
Processing domain 3 of 3

GETH_IDTS: Month of NDATE = 0
GETH_IDTS: Month of ODATE = 0
ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00
Note: The following floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_OVERFLOW_FLAG IEEE_UNDERFLOW_FLAG IEEE_DENORMAL

Even though It seems I set a proper line of time in my namelist.wps, based on (RESOLVED) Metgrid ERROR: Screwy NDATE: 0000-00-00_00:00:00 , It didn't work.

Any comments and advice will be appreciated.


Just in case, I also attach my configuration file and some others.​


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  • configure.txt
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  • namelist.wps
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Oh I just figured out the second issue. The problem was the mismatch of the number of the simulation time and the number of domain in namelist.wps.You should match their numbers.
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Apologies for the delay in response. We've been busy preparing for the WRF tutorial that's taking place this week, and have gotten behind in forum responses.

I'm glad you were able to figure out the solution to your second problem. As for the first issue, if you add that line to your environment script (e.g., .cshrc, .bashrc - depending on the SHELL you are using), and save that file, then it should be permanently set every time you close and reopen your terminal environment. Then you won't need to set it in the command line each time.