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Halogen chemistry

Jose Agustin

New member
We would like to evaluate Br emissions from volcanic activity in Air Quality over Mexico City and also effect of Cl from anthropogenic emissions. Does any one have an update WRF-chem code to do it?

Thanks in advance
Hi Jose,

To date, Br chemistry has not been included in WRF-Chem/the volcanic ash mechanisms. Multiple mechanisms include chlorine species. I recommend taking a look at Registry/registry.chem to see which mechanism you might be able to adapt for your needs - of course, this will require you to understand and modify the source code. At one point, Luke Surl was interested in adding this, and may have done so in a private version so you may want to reach out:

Hi Jose,

Great to hear - feel free to ask them if they are interested in adding their code to the community version as clearly there is interest!