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How can I run different WRF simulations at the same time?

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Hello everybody!

I need to run different WRF simulations at the same time. I need to study the scalability and performance of WRF-chem, and my idea is to run multiple times WRF with different parameters and also a different number of cores.

Is it possible to run it at the same time without making a copy of the WRF folder?

Thank you in advanced,

PhD student
Hi Verònica,
Unfortunately I'm not aware of a way to do this at the same time from the same directory. You could run the runs back-to-back by writing a script to ingest the different namelists and output into different directories (so as to not overwrite anything). You may be able to find some better guidance by doing a web search to see if anyone else has been able to do same-time ensemble runs without having multiple directories. Or perhaps someone else on this forum will be able to chime in about success they've had.
Do you find the solution for your question? It is really actually for me.

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Palina Zaiko
Basically you can create as many as possible directories, then link files from WRF/run/ to those directories, modify enamelist.input, then run wrf.exe.