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How to save the contribution of subgrid mixing by prognostic TKE LES option on vertical velocity change?

Seong-Ho Hong

New member
Dear scientists,

Hello. I have a question.
I want to analyze the budget of vertical velocity.
I used LES PBL option (in a "seabreaze2d_x" idealized simulation) with prognostic TKE scheme (not smagorinsky) (I attached my namelist.input file).

I thought the acceleration due to advection and the pressure gradient acceleration part can be calculated through the output fields of velocity and pressure and density.
However, I couldn't find how can I get the contribution of subgrid mixing (the contribution of explicit diffusion).

Is this variable (=subgrid mixing contribution, in other words, the contribution of explicit diffusion) can be saved by changing "Registry.EM_COMMON" file? or Are additional processes needed?
Can you tell me how can I get the contribution of explicit diffusion by prognostic TKE scheme for LES option?

Thanks in advance.




  • namelist.input
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You would need at least xkmh added to the output and use it to calculate d/dz ( K dw/dz).
You also need to know which level of K to use for a given level of w.