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How to watch WRF run.


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Good morning everyone,

I was reading through the namelist user guide and saw this today.

Checking Output¶
Once a model run completes, it is advised to quickly check a few things.

If WRF was built with distributed memory (dmpar), there should be an rsl.out.* and rsl.error.* file for each processor. If the simulation was successful, the message SUCCESS COMPLETE WRF should be printed at the end of these files. This can quickly be checked by typing

tail rsl.out.0000

All options in namelist.input are preserved to a filed named namelist.output.

To check the output times written to a netCDF file, the following netCDF command can be used (for example),

ncdump -v Times wrfout_d01_yyyy-mm-dd_hh:00:00

To see the time computations take for each model time step, the time it takes to write a history file, or a restart file, open the rsl.out.0000 file (or other standard-out files), which logs these times. For example,

Model Time Steps
Timing for main: time 2006-01-21_23:55:00 on domain  2:    4.91110 elapsed seconds.
Timing for main: time 2006-01-21_23:56:00 on domain  2:    4.73350 elapsed seconds.
Timing for main: time 2006-01-21_23:57:00 on domain  2:    4.72360 elapsed seconds.
Timing for main: time 2006-01-21_23:57:00 on domain  1:   19.55880 elapsed seconds.

History File
Timing for Writing wrfout_d02_2006-01-22_00:00:00 for domain 2: 1.17970 elapsed seconds.
Timing for main: time 2006-01-22_00:00:00 on domain 1: 27.66230 elapsed seconds.
Timing for Writing wrfout_d01_2006-01-22_00:00:00 for domain 1: 0.60250 elapsed seconds.

Just wanted to share another way to few output from the rsl file while it is running.

In the run directory /run you type this command in a new terminal while wrf.exe is running.
tail -f rsl.out.0000

Screenshot from 2023-12-20 08-25-39.png

Screenshot from 2023-12-20 08-25-47.png

Just a helpful trick to help you see that wrf is running.