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I want to ask some questions about WRF-LES


I want to ask you whether you need to use the idea command when you use the ndown command in the WRF-LES process?

In addition, I want to seek some tutorials about WRF-LES

Thank you very much!
There is no tutorial specifically designed for WRF-LES. Currently an ideal WRF-LES is provided, which can serve as a starting point for people interested in LES simulation. However, real-time LES simulation is a more complicated issue. Please refer to the literature for more information.
No, you do not need to use the idea command when using the ndown command in the WRF-LES process. The idea command is optional and can be used to improve the interpolation of the data. LiteBlue
Thank you very much for your reply, it has been very useful to me!