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interpolation from large file


New member
Hello. I am using the wrf_user_getvar to get the ua and va componetns of wind, and the wrf_user_vert_interp function to interpolate them.
The simulation is a 4 nested real case with the innermost domain having a resolution of 0.333 km. There are a total of 433 times steps, I will use time steps 288 to 433 for my analysis.

The data is very large (240 GB). When I try to interpolate, there is segmentation fault. How can I interpolate my data? In the function, the time option is -1, which considers the whole time of the file. Is there any way to only interpolate the period I want? Or how can I loop through individual time steps to interpolate for each time?
This is a question for wrf-python people. But a 240GB file is way too large and I guess the memory is an issue here.

Please remember to save wrfout in separate files instead of saving all data in a single file. You can do so by the namelist option

frames_per_outfile = 1, 1,