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Is it possible to run a WRF-idealized simulation with a non-stretching grid?


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Dear WRF Community,

I am planning to perform some idealized simulations using the em_hill2D test case provided in WRF. I have two questions for these tests.

1. I am wondering if there is a possibility of running the em_hill2D test case with a non-stretching grid.
2. How do I control Upper boundary and Lower boundary conditions for the em_hill2D test case?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the help.

With Kind Regards
Hi Shak,
Please see my answers to your questions:
(1) To change the vertical grids from stretching to non-stretching, you can change the option below from
stretch_grid = .true.
stretch_grid = .false.
Note that this option is hardcoded in "module_initialize_ideal.F"

(2) w-Rayleigh damping is applied in the model top. Lower boundary is treated as frictionless and without any heat and momentum flux exchange.
Thank you very much, Ms. Ming Chen, for your suggestion. It works. I appreciate your help.

With Kind Regards