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idealized cases

  1. J

    How to simulate Typhoon?

    Dear seniors, I am a beginner, I want to know if I want to imitate the performance of typhoons (or tropical whirlwinds). How should I act? In fact, I have developed a tropical whirlwind simulation in the ideal mode. But because I don't know how to set the position of a whirlwind, I haven't...
  2. R

    Change the initial location of idealized TC

    Hello, I'm new to WRF and I am simulating an ideal tropical cyclone. When I use the default settings with the cyclone at the center of the domain, it appears that the cyclone does not move at all. I am interested in knowing how long it will take for the cyclone to exit my domain so that I can...
  3. J

    related to wrfinput file created with em_les, em_seabreeze model

    To whom it may concern Hi, I'm a student studying urban climate. I'm currently trying to simulate mountain-valley, and land-sea breeze using the em_les model. so I'm modifying 'module_initialize_ideal.F' for to change input terrain height and land property, referring to case(seabreeze2d). but...
  4. W

    roughness length (Z0) and soil moisture (Sc)

    How to make Sc and Z0 fixed in time and homogeneous across the entire surface.
  5. W

    drag coefficient in wrf

    When I do the ideal test to simulate a tropical cyclone, the roughness on land is a fixed value, but the drag coefficient is variable and can be up to = 0.1, is this normal?
  6. B

    The movement of the center of tropical cyclone in an idealized case

    Dear Community, I am working on the idealized tropical cyclone case with no environmental flow and constant Coriolis parameter. The run was finished successfully. No code is changed in my case. The namelist and figure about TC center are attached as follows. Detailed information is in the...
  7. C

    Idealized Case em_seabreeze2d_x

    Dear Community, I am currently working on generating wind velocity simulations based on changes in radiation, specifically for simulating sea-breeze phenomena. Through a Google search, I discovered that the idealized case em_seabreeze2d_x in WRF can assist me in achieving this simulation...
  8. H

    Possibility of using specified lateral conditions for idealized cases

    Hi WRF experts/ users, is it possible to use the specified lateral boundary conditions for idealized conditions sans nesting? If so, how do we do this?
  9. W

    How to change Soil heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, thermal inertia

    Hi, WRF support: I want to change Soil heat capacity (C), thermal diffusivity (Kt), and thermal inertia (Iq), in such a way that they remain constant during the integration time. Where should I make these modifications, and what is the specific code?How to change the height of vertical soil...
  10. F

    3D Idealized squall line?

    Hello, I am aware that I am able to run a 2d squall line in either the x or y direction using WRF, but I am curious if there is a way to produce 3D output from these simulations? Specifically, I am interested in 3D reflectivity. Thank you!
  11. S

    Is it possible to run a WRF-idealized simulation with a non-stretching grid?

    Dear WRF Community, I am planning to perform some idealized simulations using the em_hill2D test case provided in WRF. I have two questions for these tests. 1. I am wondering if there is a possibility of running the em_hill2D test case with a non-stretching grid. 2. How do I control Upper...
  12. xpji

    How to run WRF with one initial time data?

    Hi, all 1、I wrote a basic initial field environment file based on the solution of the equatorial wave equation. I positioned its initial time at 2021-01-01_00 and converted it into a file in met*nc format. 2、I want to Run it for 90 days to see if it can produce some weather-scale fluctuations...
  13. M

    idealised cases - implications of 1d base state

    Hello, I would like to run a WRF idealised simulation prescribing a 3D wind field. I have modified module_initialize_ideal.F accordingly, following the example of the 'em_b_wave 'case for which a 2D wind field is prescribed, and got my wrfinput file ready to go. However, I don't quite...
  14. A

    ideal em_tropical_cyclone: ERROR: ghg_input available only for these radiation schemes: CAM, RRTM, RRTMG, RRTMG_fast

    This is WRFV4.5.1 on aws Graviton3, using: Currently Loaded Modules: 1) dmidecode/3.5 5) libevent/2.1.12 9) zlib/1.3 2) numactl/2.0.16 6) pmix/5.0.1 10) hdf5/1.14.2 3) binutils/2.41 7) hwloc/2.9.2 11) netcdf/c-4.9.2-fortran-4.6.1 4) gcc/13.2.0 8) openmpi/4.1.6...
  15. R

    How can I run wrf-les with a generated wrfinput

    I have generated an analysis after the EnKF and now I want to link it as wrfinput to run wrf-les, but a segment fault always happens when the run just begins. I'm sure my disk and memory are sufficient and time_step is suitable. How can I run the wrf-les with this file? I wonder whether I can...
  16. D

    when compiling the ideal model in em_ Les, how to define the mminlu of land use dataset as "MODI-RUC"

    Dear all: when compiling the ideal model in em_ Les,I chose sf_ Surface_ Phycics=2, and then an error is reported as: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 1959 Land Use Dataset '' not found in VEGPARM.TBL. So I'm confused about when compiling...
  17. P

    Idealized Tropical Cyclone's SST

    Hello, I ran some cases with the Idealized TC with various values of SST (by modifying the 'module_initialize_tropical_cyclone.F'). The values of 10m max windspeed tend to converge after 15 days. I wanted to know the effects of changing sea surface temperature on TC. Are the values I modified...
  18. W

    change SMOIS and TSLB in ideal test

    Hi, WRF support: The fact that SMOIS and TSLB in the wrfout became 0 over the ocean after I added some land in an ideal experiment seems unreasonable to me. Could you please explain the reason for this? Attached is a figure. The second question: I would like to know the most effective way to...
  19. Y

    Could I run ideal case with WRF-chem?

    Hi, I just start learning WRF. I wanner repeat the results of this article. "Simulating nuclear cloud rise within a realistic atmosphere using the Weather Research and Forecasting model " I ran WRF4.2 in ubuntu18.04. And, I tried to set up a warm bubble in em_quarter_ss case. Now I want to add...
  20. J

    WRF idealized test case outputs with project RotatedLatLon, why?

    Hello! I've successfully set up WRF and have also run a couple of the test cases included in WRF4.4.1 (em_fire, em_quarter_ss). These runs are successful as well and output the standard `wrfout_d01_0001-01-01_00:00:00` type files. I then attempt to visualize these files (example, SLP) using...