idealized cases

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    Coordinates on multi-domain idealized cases

    I need to know the location of a given surface grid point (i,j) in an idealized simulation. The single-domain answer is easy: (i*dx, j*dy) [m] from the (0,0) reference point. However, this can become more complicated in the multi-domain case. Usually WPS filled the XLONG and XLAT values, but...
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    Hill2d - idealized case

    Hi, I am in need of help urgently. I am stuck at this point trying to modify the hill2d test case, my main goal is to have this test case contain some attributes of snow. that is to make the mountain snow, so far I haven't been able to achieve that since I don't know which Microphysics...
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    WRF-SCM Forcing with Reanalysis Data

    Hi, I am new to WRF-SCM and I am having a couple of trivial questions regarding the forcing input file in the Single Column Model. My first question is whether the forcing inputs can be provided from any readily available reanalysis datasets. If yes then how can the geostrophic components of...
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    Hi all, I am very new to WRF. I am trying to simulate an idealized LES case similar to the test case in WRF. When I observe data for PBLH, I see all 0s. Does WRF-LES calculate PBHL? Do I need to modify anything in the namelist.input to get this done? Any input would be greatly appreciated...
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    Simulating tracer plume

    I tried to simulate a plume with the WRF_LES model. I followed the modification of HP1801( However, there are errors in running wrf.exe. taskid: 0 hostname: n0183 module_io_quilt_old.F 2931 F...
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    Running Idealized WRF on CORI

    Hello, I am attempting to run WRF on Cori at NERSC and am running into some issues. Here's the all of the relevant information I can think of: WRF Version: 4.4 (c11bb76939647c4073e9a105ae00faaef55ca7fd) Modules: 1) modules/ 2)...
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    Methane plume simulation LES

    Hello, I'm new to the WRF and doing my academic research on greenhouse gases, especially CH4. I want to recreate LES from this paper Could anyone help or guide me?