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related to wrfinput file created with em_les, em_seabreeze model

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Hi, I'm a student studying urban climate.
I'm currently trying to simulate mountain-valley, and land-sea breeze using the em_les model.
so I'm modifying 'module_initialize_ideal.F' for to change input terrain height and land property, referring to case(seabreeze2d).
but stuck on variable settings now. My problem is that I modified lu_index and isltyp, but landusef, soilcbot, and soilctop did not change and are all 0 values.
The same is true when I compile em_seabreeze2d without any modifications and run ideal.exe, do these values don't affect the calculation?
Later on, I want to change the vegetation as well, so what is the process to change the three-dimensional variables in the wrfinput file when running ideal.exe (if it affects the calculations)?

+) I look into the 'share/module_soil_pre.F' file, I think the model doesn't create landusef, soilcbot, and soilctop separately in the ideal case, right?
If three 3d var in above(landusef, soilcbot, and soilctop) don't affect to simulation result, what value does LAI(ex, in VEGPARM.TBL) apply to when vegetation is applied?
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In the seabreeze initialization, ivgtyp and isltyp are set. The other fields will not matter, so you're probably seeing the correct results.