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Is there a way to disable the writing of the domain 1 output?


New member
I know we can change the variables written in the outputs, but can I ask WRF for it to not write an entire domain output?

You can specify a large history_interval that is far beyond your integration period for D01. I suppose wrfout_d01 will not be written under such a situation.
In the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model, you can tailor the output to your needs. To reduce the size of output files and save computational resources, customize settings in the WRF namelist. Use the &time_control, &domains, and &physics sections to specify the desired spatial domain and variables. Adjust grid resolution, physics schemes, and other parameters. By doing this, you can limit the output to a specific domain and select only the variables of interest, helping to save disk space and streamline data production.
It is also possible by open the namelist.input file in your WRF run directory, locate the section where domain output settings are defined and look for the parameter write_outfile = .false.,