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Links given in the WRF-Chem User's Guide and Emissions Guide are not working


Hello everyone,
I have successfully completed the tutorial exercise for dust-only simulations. Now, I am learning how to use the global emission data sets to make the emissions input file. But I learned that many of the links provided in the WRF-Chem User's Guide and WRF-Chem Emissions Guide are not working. The links are given below: (WRF-Chem Version User's Guide, page 57 and Tutorial Exercise 4)
WRF-Chem Emissions Guide:
RETRO: (Section 2.2 Using the global-emissions data set, page 7)
EDGAR: (page 7) (Section 2.2.1 Seting-up prep_chem_sources, page 8) (Section 2.4.1 Construction of an anthropogenic-emissions-inventory conversion table, page 15)*.tar (page 18)
NCAR/ACD WRF-Chem web page: (Section 2.5 The anthro-emiss utiltiy, page 21)
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) web page: (Section 3.5 MEGAN biogenic emissions, page 24) (page 25) (Section 4.2 Using prep_chem_sources for biomass burning emissions, page 28) (page 28) (Section 4.3 Using FINN biomass burning emissions, page 31) (page 31) (Section 7.2 The wrfchembc utility, page 37)
Can anyone please provide the corresponding links if they are available? It will be very helpful for me. Thank you.

With regards,
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Hi Ankan,

Thank. you for your comment - we'll update these.

For the ftp* links, those cannot be accessed with a typical browser. You will need to log in to them via anonymous FTP (i.e., type "ftp" into the command line and when prompted: username = anonymous ; password = your_email). Then "cd" into the correct directory and "get" the file. Check out an FTP tutorial if necessary.

Here is the RETRO dataset: ACCENT emissions
Here is the EDGAR dataset: EDGAR - The Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research
NCAR WRF-Chem page: WRF-Chem | Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling

Others should be able to be accessed via NCAR's WRF-Chem page.