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Metgrid only processing first time step


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Hello, I am trying to complete the hurricane Matthew case from the ARW Online Tutorial. I have gotten a successful run for all steps of the tutorial except using metgrid to process the files, instead having to borrow the data from the webstie. Metgrid seems to be processing the first file repeatedly and giving a "Successful completion" signal, as shown in the picture below. I have seen threads saying that nested domains only need one time step for some domains, but this has only one. I am also not getting an obvious error anywhere. I have attempted recompiling everything, and still have the same issue (logs attached below). Is this a dependency issue for metgrid? If anyone has encountered this or if there is a previous thread, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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That is odd. Can you attach the namelist.wps file you're using? Will you also issue this command inside your WPS directory?
ls -ls > ls.txt
and attach that ls.txt file, as well? Thanks!