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  1. C

    successfully execute ./metgrid.exe, but errors are encountered in the generated files.

    Hello everyone, I am using the FNL dataset, replacing the land cover data for D03, updating SST, and generating the met file. When running real.exe, I encountered the following error: d02 2015-01-06_06:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use: metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input =...
  2. N

    Error on model day 2 00:30:00 while running wrf.exe forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

    I am using WPS-4.2 and polar version of WRF 4.1.3. I pre-processed ERA5 data using WPS-4.2, obtained met_em* files and use those to run polar WRF-4.1.3 from model date Feb 01, 2013, 00:00:00. But on model date Feb 02, 2013 00:30:00, I encounter the following error. Timing for main: time...
  3. N

    Polar WRF stops at day 2 00:30:00 of the run

    I am using WPS-4.2 and polar version of WRF 4.1.3. I pre-processed ERA5 data using WPS-4.2, obtained met_em* files and use those to run polar WRF-4.1.3 from model date Feb 01, 2013, 00:00:00. But on model date Feb 02, 2013 00:30:00, I encounter the following error. Timing for main: time...
  4. E

    Metgrid SST interpolation artifacts

    Hi all, I have a problem with the met_em* files generated by metgrid.exe similar to this post here: metgrid - SST interpolation artifacts (not solved). I want to run metgrid with meteorological data from ERA5 (prefix FILE:...) and climatological SST data from ERA5 (prefix SST:...). If I run...
  5. dileepkunjaai

    metgrid.exe : ERROR: Missing values encountered in interpolated fields. Stopping

    Dear All, I am trying to run WRF with ERA5 as the lateral boundary condition. I am able to run the geogrid and ungrib successfully. But while running metgrid I am getting the following error. Processing domain 1 of 1 Processing 2016-12-01_06 PRS SFC WARNING: Field PRES has missing...
  6. C

    Using the ERA5 land/sea mask data in WRF

    I have noticed that there is an issue with the land sea mask that you get from ECMWF is not binary. This is also noted on ECMWF webpage: Land-sea mask in ERA5 and ERA-Interim - Copernicus User Support Forum - ECMWF Confluence Wiki Because the mask is not binary I believe it creates an issue...
  7. M

    Severe error when runing metgrid.exe

    I'm having a severe error with wrf 4.4.1 when runing metgrid.exe, it starts processing the domains and suddenly stops. I thougth could be related with my namelist.wps but after this error I cannot execute anymore also the geogrid.exe. Processing domain 2 of 5 forrtl: severe (64): input...
  8. W

    metgrid.exe error for CMIP6 data

    Dear all, I am trying to use the MPI-ESM1-2-HR ssp858 and apply the dynamical downscaling. To convert the nc file to intermediate files I am using the python script provided GitHub - lzhenn/cmip6-to-wrfinterm: tools to process cmip6 data to drive wrf. I successfully create the intermediate...
  9. S

    Running metgrid with mpirun for a long simulation?

    Hi I am running a two-way nested simulation for quite a large area (see namelist.wps attached) and for quite a long simulation (1980-2014). I am now to run metgrid.exe and am curious as to whether there will be any value running metgrid.exe in parallel with mpirun. I hope someone can provide...
  10. T

    Trouble running ungrib and metgrid with long-term data with scattered years

    Dear all, Please excuse myself since I'm a totally beginner with WRF. I've tried to search for the answer thoroughly but couldn't find any possible solution. My current aim is I'm trying to run WPS for a few years including 1887, 1889, 1930, 1945, 1954, 1971, 1972 with data from 20CR...
  11. F

    met_em files format

    I have a problem with my large number of met_em file with date format yyyy-mm-dd_hh_mn_ss while real exe looks for yyyy-mm-dd_hh:mn:ss. How to set namelist.wps to force metgrid.exe to output files like and not Thanks
  12. M

    ERA5 surface data not found in WPS

    Hello, I have a problem running WPS with ERA5 data. I have downloaded 2 grib files, one for pressure levels (all pressure levels) and the other one for single level data (all variables ecept precipitation type, K index and total totals index). But it seems like metgrid doesn't recognise surface...
  13. M

    use ERA5 data in WPS

    Hello I have seen a pdf about using ERA5 data in the WRF model. In that instruction, the author told that we need to download two kinds of data (Pressure level and surface analysis) as you know, there are a lot of parameters in both of them. due to the limitation in processing, it is important...
  14. N

    Error Running Metgrid

    Hi, I'm trying to WRF to find solar irradiance. I downloaded the data from this site Index of /pub/data/nccf/com/gfs/prod I'm getting error while running Metgrid.exe Processing domain 1 of 1 Processing 2022-11-08_00 FILE ERROR: Error in ext_pkg_write_field...
  15. N

    Metgrid Error in ext_pkg_write_field

    Hi , I'm getting this error While Metgrid.exe . I'm attaching namelist.wps and metgrid.log for reference Regards Naveen Venkat
  16. G

    Metgrid only processing first time step

    Hello, I am trying to complete the hurricane Matthew case from the ARW Online Tutorial. I have gotten a successful run for all steps of the tutorial except using metgrid to process the files, instead having to borrow the data from the webstie. Metgrid seems to be processing the first file...
  17. S

    Finding SST data for WRF

    Hi there, I am completely new to using SST data and I'm not sure where to start. I think I understand what I'm supposed to do once I actually have the data, but I'm not sure where to get it, especially in a form where I can use ungrib on it. I'm currently modelling temperatures in Toronto, but...
  18. yanhongyi

    Soil moisture in met_em* files has negative values

    Hello, I recently planned to study the effect of soil moisture on air temperature, so I wanted to modify the soil moisture in the met_em* files. However, I found out today that there are negative values in the soil moisture (Variable: SM, SM000007, SM007028, SM028100, SM100289), which confuses...
  19. M

    Running a new WRF simulation with wrfout

    Hi, I would like to use WRF output as input for a new WRF simulation. As I deleted some variables from the output and my new domain has a resolution with a parent_grid_ratio different than 3 and 5, ndown shouldn't be suited to produce the forcings. So I guess the only solution is to use UPP...
  20. S

    met_em files

    Hi all, I have a doubt in the met_em files generated. I'm trying to reproduce the results of the simulation from the article -"Recovery processes in a large offshore wind farm". I'm using WRF 4.4.1 and WPS 4.4 for the current simulation. I have successfully compiled the WRF and WPS with the...