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    met_em files

    Hi all, I have a doubt in the met_em files generated. I'm trying to reproduce the results of the simulation from the article -"Recovery processes in a large offshore wind farm". I'm using WRF 4.4.1 and WPS 4.4 for the current simulation. I have successfully compiled the WRF and WPS with the...
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    metgrid warning:Couldn't open file ALBSI:2018-03-11_12 for input metgrid Couldn't open wps intermediate file

    Dear all, I am using the Polar-WRF and its need some other data which are not available in GRIB.So I wrote these data into the intermediate file WPSformat with NCL.It did work and I got intermediate file like:ALBSI:yyyy-mm-dd ICEDEPTH:yyyy-mm-dd However,when I was trying to run metgrid.exe,it...
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    ERROR: Error in ext_pkg_write_field

    Hi, I'm using WPS 4.4 and WRF 4.4 version. I'm getting this error when I run metgrid.exe Processing domain 1 of 1 Processing 2022-10-18_00 FILE ERROR: Error in ext_pkg_write_field -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MPI_ABORT was invoked on rank 0 in...
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    metgrid error in ext_pkg_write_field

    hello, I am trying to run WPS. I've completed the geogrid.exe and ungrib.exe. However, when I try to run metgrid.exe, I got this error: My WRF version is 4.4 so I don't understand why I get this error. is there anyone can help me? thanks!
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    Hello, I am using WRF4.1 and ERA5. I was wondering how SOILHGT from the ungrib.exe is used in the metgrid.exe/real.exe. Does SOILHGT interact with HGT_M of geo_em files or HGT of wrfinput files? Thanks, Siyu
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    Metgrid output only have one level

    Dear all, I am using IPSL CMIP5 model to run WPS. However, only times 00,06,12, and 18 can have output after the ./metgrid.exe run. The outputs only have one level of data, that is: BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION = 1 ; The ungrib.log, metgrid.log and the ncdump -h met_em output are attached here...