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Nest not moving using preset_moves option

Sawyer Smith

New member

I am attempting to do a simulation using the preset moves option but I cannot get my nest to move. WRF was compiled using the preset_moves (option 2). The simulation runs fine with the attached namelist.input, but my nest does not seem to move at all. Any ideas as to why this could be happeneing?

Also what is the best way to know for sure if my nest is indeed moving? I have been viewing the XLAT variable, for example, from my wrfout files, but was not sure if there was better way to tell?



  • namelist.input
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  • namelist.wps
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I believe the moves should print out in the rsl.out.* files when you run the model. Do you see anything in those files that may indicate it's moving?
I had some fancy variables in the namelist.input and it turns out that they were not compatible with the preset moves version of WRF. I'm not sure which variables they were exactly, we just simplied the namelist the best we could and it ended up working. Hope this helps someone else!