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moving nest

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    Segmentation fault for idealized tropical cyclone simulation with a moving nest

    Hi, I'm encountering a segmentation fault early in the integration of WRFv4.4 for an idealized simulation of a tropical cyclone. The simulation is configured with 2 nests and vortex tracking on the innermost nest. I compiled WRF with the debug flag and received the following error traceback...
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    Calculating Precipitation in a Moving Grid

    Hi, WRF support: I'm using a moving grid simulation to study a typhoon (with a nested grid scheme for vortex tracking), and I'm currently facing an issue related to calculating accumulated precipitation during the simulation. I understand that simply adding RAINC and RAINNC is not appropriate...
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    Nest not moving using preset_moves option

    Hi! I am attempting to do a simulation using the preset moves option but I cannot get my nest to move. WRF was compiled using the preset_moves (option 2). The simulation runs fine with the attached namelist.input, but my nest does not seem to move at all. Any ideas as to why this could be...
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    Vortex-following: Inner domain does not move

    Hi, I'm trying to use vortex following with 3 domains (18-6-2km resolution), d01 is fixed, d02 and d03 are vortex following. Set up in my namelist.input: input_from_hires = .false.,.true.,.true., rsmas_data_path =...
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    Real.exe produces only one wrfinput_d01 although I'm using 4 domains!

    I hope you're all doing great. This is my first time using WRF, I have done most of the WPS work, the geogrid, ungrib and metgrid and I linked my met output files to my wrf/run path. My case study has 4 nested domains and I have attached the namelist.wps below. When I run the real.exe and it...
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    Compile Error in WRFV4.4 moving nest option

    Describe the bug When I compile WRFV4.4, same error is repeated. module_comm_dm_4.G:30:0: fatal error: No such file or directory To Reproduce nohup ./compile em_real &>compile.log