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No "&chem" section in the namelist.input after compiling WRFV3.9.1.1


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Hi Everyone,

I compiled the WRFV3.9.1.1 without errors and got the ndown.exe, real.exe. tc.exe and wrf.exe generated successfully. However, in the run/namelist.input, I didn't find the "&chem" block and found nothing about the chemistyr, emissions...

Anyone knows how to fix it?

The configuration and log files of compilation as well as the namelist.input are attached.



  • compile_wrf.log.txt
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  • configure.wrf.txt
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  • namelist.input.txt
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Hi @jordanschnell , thanks for the very helpful suggestion!

I was worrying about if there is anything wrong during my compiling process (I didn't see any errors in the attached log though), as I expect there will be a "&chem" section in the namelist generated in the WRFV3.9.1.1/run durning compiling when setting WRF_CHEM=1.

Seems you think this is fine. I'll be happy to explore the examples in test/em_real. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!
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