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Noah-MP LSM model time step differentiation in WRF simulation


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I am using WRF V4.4 with Noah-MP. I would like to use WRF coupled to Noah-MP with a different timestep for NoahMP than the timestep specified for WRF in the namelist.input file.

I used in the past the stand-alone Noah-MP model with external forcing and I could specify a time-step in the order of minutes, up to an hour.

Can I modify some line in the model code to make this possible?
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There is no option available in current WRF version to call noahMP at specified interval.
However, you may refer to the option "blot', which is the minutes between PBL call, and add a similar option for noahMP call.
I understand this involves some coding work, but I suppose it shouldn't be difficult to do.