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Problem running wrf.exe using Corine landuse

Hi All,
I am trying to run WRF model by using corine land cover.
I independently generated my binary file.
Geogrid, ungrib and metgrib output well.

When I run real.exe and wrf.exe I had the error:
program wrf: error opening wrfinput_d01 for reading ierr= -1021

What am I doing wrong?

At the following link, I forward:
- the binary and index file for the landuse,
- the geotable
- both wps and input namalist file.

Thanks a lot for your support,

Your question is already being addressed in this post. In the future, please refrain from posting the same question multiple times, as this creates confusion and extra work for the support them. Thanks!
I apologize if I have created confusion and extra work. That was not my intention!!!

I separated the posts because I used different data: in one I used binary files taken from a public database while in this one I used a self-produced binary file.
In particular in this post I sended the material to repeat my run.

Perhaps it would have been better to put it in the already existing post.

I apologize again,