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questions about module_first_rk_step_part1.F


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Dear WRF community,

Thanks for your attention!

1) I am confused about the QV=moist(ims,kms,jms,P_QV) in the CALL radiation_driver in module_first_rk_step_part1.F .
moist(ims,kms,jms,P_QV) is one number, while QV in module_radiation_driver.F is an array with DIMENSION( ims:ime, kms:kme, jms:jme ). I'm curious whether such an array with unequal dimensions can be passed directly ?

2) physical schemes except microphysics scheme are called in module_first_rk_step_part1.F . I am curious whether the state of the atmosphere is the same before each physical process calculation? That is, after radiation_driver, the QC or QV used in surface driver or shallow convection driver are the same as that used in radiation driver, or the QC or QV updated in radiation_driver.

I appreciate any help. Thank you very much!

Please see my answers below:

(1) moist is a special array designed for moist variables.Once the code is compiled based on physics options, P_QV, P_QR etc will have their specific values. moist(ims,kms,jms,P_QV) is actually a 3D array, which will be taken as QV, QR, QI, etc.

(2) The atmospheric state is the same when calling various physics schemes. They are updated after all the schemes are done.