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Real.exe just stops running


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Good day,

I am running a long WRF simulation for 1980-2014 with a nested domain. I am now at the real.exe step and after many attempts to run real.exe, I cannot figure out why the real.exe just stops without any errors. In each instance, real.exe stops on 1984-01-11 having only considered the first domain.

I searched the forum to see if there is any advice and stumbled upon this post (Real.exe stuck on particular met_em file, no errors). I followed the advice and ran real.exe for a shorter time for 1984-01 and real.exe ran successfully. I also considered disk space, but I am working on a cluster and have ample disk space. There is advice to run real.exe in smaller chunks which is something I can do, but I am hoping to run real.exe for the full period and instead make use of restart files.

I have attached my namelist.input, rsl.error.0000 and rsl.out.0000 to provide details. Please may someone assist me.



  • rsl.error.0000
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  • rsl.out.0000
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  • namelist.input
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This is because a maximum number of time periods is specified in WRF. If you attempt to process a LARGE number of time periods beyond the specified maximum number, then the model will crash. To overcome this problem,

(1) change the value of variable "MaxTimes" in wrf_io.F90, wrf_data_pio.F90 based on your case.

(2) in input_wrf.F, you need to modify the line

DO WHILE ( ( currentTime .GE. grid%next_bdy_time ) .AND. ( icount < 10000 ) )

change it to

DO WHILE ( ( currentTime .GE. grid%next_bdy_time ) .AND. ( icount < MaxTimes ) ) (NOTE: give the value of MaxTimes here)

Then you should recompile WRF.

By the way, I would suggest you process the data periodically to avoid an extremely large wrfbdy file. It is better you can use the 'restart' capability of WRF.
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Hi Ming,

Thanks for your helpful response. I will go with your suggestion to process the data periodically.