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Save history file only for specified domains


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Is it possible to save history files only for specified domain to reduce storage consumption? I guess one could use history_interval to have less frames for the other domains, but maybe there exists a more clean way to obtain a solution here?
This thread may help you.

Also these are the options for the namelist.input file for wrf and wps.

Thanks for your answer. I had a look into that thread and it did not work out for me, it seems to me that these "inputout..." settings control the input data "wrfinput_d<domain>_<date>" instead of the history output data files. Also, when I try to add these options I get errors (the namelist is not well described on this imo).
------ ERROR while reading namelist time_control ------
Maybe here?: inputout_begin_y = 0, 0, 0, 0,
Maybe here?: inputout_begin_mo = 0, 0, 0, 0,

I'm running WRF Model Version 4.3


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If you are only interested in writing history output for one of your domains, you can set the other to zero. For e.g.,
history_interval = 0, 60
This would not write any history files for d01, and would write them every hour for d02.
Setting history_interval (or history_interval_s) equal to zero for a domain seems not to give any simulation at all. Attached is the output (no errors produced). Did I miss something here?


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I believe this is because you're using adaptive time-stepping, and you have "step_to_output_time = .true." Can you set that to .false. and see if it fixes the issue?
Yes, that gave at least a simulation, but the history is still written to file for the other domains (but only two frames for some reason) with history_interval=0.


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I'm not sure why it would be still writing to the wrfout* files for d01, d02, and d03. I just ran a test with a similar set-up and I'm only getting history files for the domain that isn't set to 0. Can you run the test again, and then issue this command from your running directory

ls -ls >& ls.txt

and then attach that ls.txt file, along with the full rsl.out.0000 file? Thanks!