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Segmentation fault running WRF with nested domain


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I'm trying to run a real data WRF simulation (initialised with NCEP data) with one nest on an HPC cluster. All the WPS setup programs (metgrid, geogrid, and ungrib) completed successfully, as did real.exe. When I run wrf.exe it produces the first wrfout file for each domain and then crashes, with segmentation faults reported in the rsl.error logs for 3 processors.

Attached are namelist.wps, namelist.input, and the rsl.error files for the processes that segfaulted. Can anyone see anything wrong with my simulation setup, or might this be an issue with the stack size?

I followed the documentation on setting up two-way nested simulations so I'm not sure what's wrong. Any insights would be much appreciated.


  • namelist.wps
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  • namelist.input
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It looks like you forgot to attach the rsl files. Can you package all of them together in a *.tar file and attach that so I can take a look? Thanks!