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showing new parameter in ncview


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Dear All,
I am trying to simulate a dust storm and analyse it by Dust load. I can see the results in ncview, while, there are 5 of them based on their size category. which their names are DUSTLOAD_1, DUSTLOAD_2,..., DUSTLOAD_5
I want to define a new parameter named total dust load which is the sum of the whole-size bins to see it in ncview.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
I would appreciate it if anyone could help me.

Thanks in Advance.
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I guess you will have to read those 5 dust loads and add them to obtain the total, then plot figures.
Otherwise you will need to modify the codes, add the extra variable to wrfout, and then use ncview to look at it.
Thank you so much for your response
For your first suggestion can I use NCL?
and for second option, if I want to modify code, I think I have to follow these steps:
I have to add an extra parameter named total dust loading in Registry.EM_COMMON and write a simple code which is sum of 5 size bins and recompile the model
Is it right?
If it is right, could you give me a hint that in what file I have to write my own code?