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stop in running wrf.exe


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Excuse me, let me ask to error in wrf.exe when i am running in wrf.exe, my model is stop but, when i use the setting in same with other parameterisation. it is not problems and succecs. Below I have attached the files rsl.error and namelist.input.
thank you for your attention


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Apologies for the delay in response to your inquiry. Can you let me know if this is still a problem for you? If you have resolved it, do you mind updating with how you got past the issue?

If it's still not working, I suspect the issue could be that you need to use more processors. Your domains are not small and you're only using 4 processors. Take a look at Choosing an Appropriate Number of Processors.

If using additional processors doesn't resolve anything, you mention that the model runs fine with other settings. Can you provide a namelist that was successful for you? Thanks!