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Strange T2 bias in newer WRF versions

Thank you Alessandro a lot for your response. I am not sure how to find out the patchy areas. Does it mean to follow your steps and run a test run for cca 1 year, then check if the temperature pattern has any patchy areas. If yes, then check the corresponding land-use category and change the CBIOM values accordingly before the start of the new run. And if no patchy pattern appears, no changes should be applied. Would this be the procedure, or something different?
Thank you and cheers,
Hi Josipa, yes the procedure is correct. If I am not wrong, I already tested your namelist and one year is enough to pop up the patchy areas (I did test 1980 or 1981).
In case no patchy pattern appears you could try to run the model over a different year; in any case I would stay on the safe side reducing CBIOM as the issue could arise during the simulation.
This sounds promising as the issue is more apparent in the summer season. I will test it with the default values for CBIOM.
Thank you all very much for the suggestions,