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Subseason Forecast run with WRF using CFSv2 conditions


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Hello guys! I am conducting forecasts with WRF for a period of 45 days and I am not sure if I should use the FDDA option for these forecasts. In this case, I am using 15 days of spin-up + 30 days (period of interest). The sea surface temperature I'm using from the CFSv2 itself with the option SST_UPDATE = 1 with 6 h interval. What do you recommend?


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In addition to sst_update, I would suggest to turn on spectral nudging (grid_fdda=2), which does 3d nudging of only selected larger scales.This may be useful for controlling longer wave phases for long analysis-driven simulations (e.g. months to years).
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I want to do the same in my country. kindly assist. I just finished installing and successfully configure WRF & WPS. I want to produce a seasonal forecast for October November and December (OND) and January February and March (JFM).
I guess you will need to follow the same options, i.e., sst_update =1 and grid_fdda=2. Please try and post any issues you have in the forum.