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    Time is not right when converting OISST data to intermediate data.

    Hello, I am a student who is studying WRF. I succeeded in converting OISST data into intermediate data using netcdf-to-intermediate.f provided by ncar, but there is a time-varying problem. This problem did not occur when I converted OISST data for 2022, so why is it happening? I would...
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    Issues with converting SST nc data to grib

    Hi all, I'm in the process of updating SSTs in the WRF v3.8 model but I'm running into WPS issues when attempting to convert GLSEA SST data from netcdf to grib. I'm aware that there are similar posts on this forum however, after trying out a couple of different options, I am still running into...
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    questions about the sst_update

    Dear all, I have some questions about the sst_update: Which module does WRF call to read the auxinput4 file? How does WRF control the SST update interval? In which code file? Thank you for your attention.
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    SST values in continental region

    Hello WRF community, I am running simulations with and without updating the sea surface temperature. When I plot the SST variable from the wrfout with and without SST updates, it has positive values over the continental region. I think it should be NaN or 0 values. Am I doing something wrong...
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    Enabling SST update option in WRF Model run using ERA5 data (downloaded from copernicus)

    Hi Forum. I am trying to run a wrf model for 6 months using ERA5 re-analysis data. For which I have downloaded the SST and Sea-ice-cover data from Copernicus Climate Data Store | Copernicus Climate Data Store , along with 10m u-component of wind, 10m v-component of wind, 2m dewpoint...
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    How to update SST in WPS?

    Hi, I'm a student who just started learning the WRF model. I want to run the model using era5 data and OISST data. First, I downloaded the OISST data and made it into an SST.grb file with the same process as the attached picture. After that, I tried to run unrib.exe and metgrid.exe after link...
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    SST update delayed by one history interval in wrfout_d02

    Hi, I am preparing a multi-year WRF simulation and need to update SST. I am not using an external SST dataset but want to update SST from ERA5 data, which is used as model input at the same time (I therefore did not run ungrib.exe twice to create separate ‘SST’ files for metgrid). ERA5 driving...
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    Subseason Forecast run with WRF using CFSv2 conditions

    Hello guys! I am conducting forecasts with WRF for a period of 45 days and I am not sure if I should use the FDDA option for these forecasts. In this case, I am using 15 days of spin-up + 30 days (period of interest). The sea surface temperature I'm using from the CFSv2 itself with the option...
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    real.exe does not create wrflowinp_d02 when D2 start is delayed.

    I am trying to run a simulation using sst_update=1 with two domains. There are no problems when starting the run in the usual way. But I have to drastically reduce the time step to get it through the first few minutes of the run. So, I thought I would try to delay the start of D2 by a few hours...