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The first wrfout file is corrupted


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I had made a 5 day run with frames_per_outfile as 1 and I had the first wrfout file damaged/corrupted. So I left out that file and carried forward with the post-processing. But for other runs i tried, I am facing the same issue - having its first wrfout file corrupted. Only the first files are getting damaged and others don't have any issue. How can I resolve this?

Because initially I tried the run with frames_per_outfile as 1000 and I wasn't able to open it nor use it for post processing as that was also damaged. That's when i tried with frames_per_outfile as 1 and found that the error is with the first file ( or maybe the data in it?). Right now I avoid the first file and then proceed with the post processing of multiple files but it would be better if I could get a single file that I can use which is not corrupted.

I tried the run with both FNL 1 degree by 1 degree files as well as GDAS FNL 0.25 degree by 0.25 degree files but the same issue is present. Files corresponding to both the domains that is produced at the time when the run is starting. I will attach the namelist.input file for the reference.

I had a found a similar issue in the thread: and asked my query in that but as suggested in the thread, I am creating a new thread since its a slightly different one. Kindly help me with resolving this issue.


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Sir, I am attaching the screenshots. I tried to do the analysis with wrf-python and hen it showed the error as shown (figL Screenshot (873.png). I tried to open that file in panolpy (Screenshot (872).png) and again error was there in opening it. Initially when i ran the ARWpost mosdule, i was getting the error as shown in the third image. That's when i tried opening each files in panoply or use the wrf-python and understood that the issue is with the first file.


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