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The problem of the auxiliary pressure level output in WRFPLUS

Jason Hou

New member
When I was using the auxiliary pressure level output in WRF, for example, I just add
p_lev_diags = 1
num_press_levels = 1,
press_levels = 50000,

in the namelist.input and
auxhist23_interval = 360,
frames_per_auxhist23 = 1,
io_form_auxhist23 = 2,

in the &time_control part, if I run wrf for 1 day, there should be 5 auxhist23_d01 files when it is done and there is no problem in WRF.
However, when I was using the wrf_run in WRFPLUS, with the same change of the namelist as in WRF, I can only get one auxhist23_d01_2016-01-21_00:00:00 file, which is at the final time, so my problem is how to get the other 4 auxhist23_d01 files in WRFPLUS(especially the initial auxhist23_d01_2016-01-20_00:00:00 file)? I have attached my namelist in this post.



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