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wrf utilities

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    Relative vorticity as WRF output

    Hi, everyone First of all I hope that you are well, continuing with the post I want to ask if there is a way to obtain the relative vorticity as output in the netcdf file from WRF, I have read that the only one that is obtainable is the absolute vorticity. I have been using these formula to...
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    NaN values are coming over mountains when interpolating WRF variables to a particular pressure level using WRF-Python

    Dear everyone, I want to extract some WRF variables (e.g., Geopotential height, wind variables, etc.) at a specific pressure level (e.g., 850 hPa). For extracting Geopotential Height at 850 hPa, I used the following WRF-Python code: # Extract pressure and z/height variables for time index 0 pres...
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    WRF postProcessing

    Hello,I'm doing a simulation of wrf-les coupling. The CFD tool used is sowfa, and in its examples, there is a case of coupling with wrf, where there is a program to extract data from wrf. But after I changed my filename, nHrs and nPerhrs. Running error : wrfout file does not have z and fc...
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    Not really sure how to use e_vert and stretching

    Good morning, Could someone please explain how to use e_Vert and the stretching variables? Like I have read the tutorials and I am still not sure how to use it properly. I have attached my namelist.input for someone to help me.
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    Could I run ideal case with WRF-chem?

    Hi, I just start learning WRF. I wanner repeat the results of this article. "Simulating nuclear cloud rise within a realistic atmosphere using the Weather Research and Forecasting model " I ran WRF4.2 in ubuntu18.04. And, I tried to set up a warm bubble in em_quarter_ss case. Now I want to add...
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    FAQ question The python code in this forum thread is meant for HPC systems. If I have a desktop or laptop what values need to be changed to the python code??
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    The problem of the auxiliary pressure level output in WRFPLUS

    Hello. When I was using the auxiliary pressure level output in WRF, for example, I just add &diags p_lev_diags = 1 num_press_levels = 1, press_levels = 50000, in the namelist.input and auxhist23_interval = 360, frames_per_auxhist23 = 1, io_form_auxhist23 = 2, in the &time_control part, if I run...
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    WRF Domain Wizard Alternatives

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. WRF Domain Wizard But this software is VERY VERY old. Using Java 2.0 software which isn't even installed on standard windows machines anymore or even...
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    Vapor 3.6.0 Release

    Download here : See new features in Vapor 3.6.0 here: New improvements include: - Slice Renderers can now be arbitrarily oriented - The Contour Renderer now supports 3D variables, and can also be arbitrarily oriented...
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    Vapor 3.5.0 is now live!

    Vapor's release cycle is accelerating, and now 3.5.0 is live. New improvements include: - New particle data reader: Data Collection Particles (DCP) - New raw data reader: Brick of Values (BOV) - Bookmarks - Easily, and visually save your state -...