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Trying to apply WRF only in COAWST,but failed to build the WRF to generate any *.exe


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Hello everyone!
I try to run COAWST by applying WRF only first. As shown in the page 50 of COAWST manual ,I can see a link of 'coawstM' to 'WRF/main/wrf.exe'(but the 'wrf.exe' doesn't exist in the WRF/main directory ) ,but there is no ndown.exe, real.exe or wrf.exe generated.So I went to /WRF directory ,and typed './configure' and './compile em_real >&compile.log'. some log files and configure.wrf are attached. Still I can't get any *.exe. I'd appreciae if you could give some clues or solutions.
Looking forward to you reply.
Sorry for the mistake.I attach them below this time. Thank you so much.


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I sovled the WRF compiling problem. The reason is the project name I created in COAWST was too simple,leading to cpp worked wrongly.